The real father of Bristol Palin’s baby is black???

I just got wind of this from the Mo’Kelly Report, and man, if this is true???

And listening to the brother talk…I mean…

All right, yeah, he could be a paid actor pulling a prank. Or just some kid who knows how to lie to a camera really well. That’s not out of the realm of possibility for sure. It’s not. I mean…that’s probably what it is…


But watch this for yourself before it gets buried beneath some Alaskan glacier somewhere, ’cause as soon as word of this starts to leak, true or false, it’s gettin’ yanked.

And no, for the record, I don’t think Palin’s kids are off limits. To the Obama campaign? Sure. But not for the rest of us. Because after the way she has held herself up as this super religious fundamentalist abstinence-is-the-best-condom arch-conservative moose-killing wonder mommy from the frozen tundra, I figure the gloves are all the way off. It’s bare-knuckle time.

Besides, this isn’t about slamming Palin’s kid, because I couldn’t care less whether the daddy is that self-proclaimed redneck or whether it’s the brother from LA. Not on a personal level anyway. Why would I? But if Palin is trying to bury this thing and shove this brother to the side and keep him away from his own child? While sliding Redneck Rudy in as the more ‘acceptable’ white face? And threatening a shotgun wedding just so everything looks White Christmas all over again? Even though both kids are only 17 years old for cryin’ out loud?

Guess who's comin' to dinner, y'all?

Guess who's comin' to dinner, y'all?

Let’s just say I wouldn’t put it past her. Or not just her, but the Republican campaign machine which has now swallowed her whole.

Maybe it’ll be nothing. But just on the outside chance that this is real…? Oh yeah. I’m stayin’ tuned.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on September 6, 2008.

38 Responses to “The real father of Bristol Palin’s baby is black???”

  1. What I’d like to know is who is the real MOTHER of Sarah Palin’s latest baby. I’ve seen pictures of her in the last two years and there is NO WAY that she gave birth to anything, let alone a down syndrome child. You may not show pregnancy on your belly but you sure as hell show it on your face. Which one of her daughers do you think actually gave birth to the little tyke???

  2. May, I please just put another pair of gloves on? I would hate to bruise knuckles on her. ROFL
    WOW, he seems so sincere. Well, if there is a miscarriage in the near future, we know what the truth is.

  3. Hilary,

    Yeah, I’ve heard those rumors too, believe me. Who knows? All I can say is it’s becoming more and more obvious how little time the McCain folks took to check this woman out before she got the call. Now they’re just trying to contain it as best they can for the next two months.


    Please feel free to put on an other pair of gloves! Go ahead. Hey, I plan to. And not wishing a miscarriage on that young girl at all, but if something strange happens to that pregnancy in the next few months? Don’t even wanna think about that one for now…

  4. We have no way of knowing whether this is a hoax or not. Many folks complain that Kevin took it to the World Wide Web, but if you have a justice issue with rich and powerful folks, there is a very remote chance for you to get justice. Also, mainstream media won’t touch the story. See mine and you will know what I mean:

  5. Mary Neal,

    That’s my feeling as well. If he truly is being shut out and shunned, then this may very well be the only way for the young man to get heard. As you say, the mainstream media won’t touch this at all, especially not during the last two months of such a hot election, so what’s the kid supposed to do? Just stay quiet, play ball, and take it for the sake of the Palin family? Even though their not doing a thing for him? Or does he take an admittedly huge risk and speak out using the biggest public platform an ordinary person like him has access to?

  6. Kevin is an aspiring “rapper” and obviously a pretty good actor as well. You can find him on . Its a hoax intended to get get some publicity. Also, dude is 21/22 years old and IF he did tap that, what he did was illegal because she was 16/17 years old.

  7. Ron Art,

    Yeah I was already aware he’s an aspiring rapper. He said that in the video. But still, you could be right. No way to tell for sure right now, but if that baby comes out chocolate then we’ll have a pretty good idea what’s up.

    But if you’re sure it’s a hoax, then I’d be interested to know how you’re so sure. I’d be glad to put that out there.

    Finally, about her being under legal age, yeah, that’s true too. But that also applies even if the father is the aspiring redneck, which raises the question of why Momma Palin had the boyfriend out front and center holding his daughter’s hand at the Republican Convention if he broke the law with her 17-year-old daughter?

  8. “if that baby comes out chocolate then we’ll have a pretty good idea what’s up.”

    The chances of that even leaking to the press are slim to none. They’d switch up that baby before you could say “adopotion”…LOL!

    I’m a huge loyal follower of music, pop culture, and Hip Hop marketing/publicity in particular. Ive witnessed Hip Hop since the beginning, and have noticed the VERY disturbing trend of artists (sadly young and black) doing any, and everything short of selling their soul for publicity / exposure.

    I dang sure could be wrong, but I’m 99.9 percent its a hoax also due the the fact that his groups MySpace page, was flashed 2 times (I think) during his video. That imho would serve no other purpose except to lure one to his page. Yep.I bit and like many probably checked it out.

    Under one of his MySpace picture’s it reads:

    Yea…he’s a hustler alright..;)

  9. *”adoption”

  10. Fair enough, Ron. Fair enough.

    And you just might be right about how fast they’d switch that kid. Matter of fact that’s probably a certainty.

    We shall see…

  11. How can he possibly know her if he can’t even pronounce her last name correctly? It’s “PAY-lin.” Everyone who’s heard her discussed over the last few days knows this, yet he keeps mispronouncing it. And if he is the father, is he willing to press for a paternity test? It sounds like a total hoax. Come on, people!

  12. this is funny and pathetic. tell the urban rapper to move on. the prank is silly.

  13. Yeah, it may well be a prank. We’ll see. But that is one hell of a prank for a black kid to claim to be the father of the Republican VP’s daughter’s baby. Perhaps he’s not aware of what kind of heat a ‘prank’ like that can bring. If the Republicans don’t mind stealing elections, then I doubt they won’t feel much pain stepping on a black rapper and grinding him into the concrete.

    As for this ‘prank’ being used to forward his rap career, I can’t quite buy that. Rap is supposed to be ‘gangsta’, right? So how ‘gangsta’ is it for a well-spoken and polite young black man from LA to calmly claim to have knocked boots with a white girl from Alaska? Somehow I don’t think this would propel him to the top of the charts. If he thinks it will, then he is truly an idiot. Granted, I don’t know the kid from Adam, but he doesn’t seem quite that dim to me in the video.

    Like I said. We’ll see.

  14. LMAO!!!!

    Let’s hear it for the publicity stunt. If this were true, the YouTube clip (and that rapper) would already be missing. And of course, little Bristol would suffer a tragic miscarraige just prior to the election.

  15. Pretty funny stuff here. Doesn’t Kevin know that Bristol’s supposed to be 5 months pregnant? So how could he be the father if he was with her “last summer”? Or is he saying he’s the father of Trig, who was born in April, which would be about right if he were conceived last summer? Just wondering.

  16. Good point, starkeisha. Good point.
    We shall see..

  17. I was trying to figure out the math on “last summer” too…LOL

  18. DNA will reveal all..I’m thinking the same thing on the “time line” last summer? hmmmm

  19. Please. This guy’s a complete liar. Notice that he gives no details whatsoever that everyone in the US doesn’t already know. He says he “stands for integrity” while lying through his teeth, which makes it all the more reprehensible. He’s just trying to get some attention for his rap career. That’s why he keeps showing his myspace page. Sadly, according to YouTube, he has 86,000 views of this video.

  20. He can’t even pronounce the last name correctly, so it’s obviously B.S.

  21. You are a vile “human being.”

  22. 16 is legal in Alaska.

    Would be funny if this was true, but it sounds pretty damn fake.

  23. Im an Obama supporter and I think this is all some stupid ploy. Maybe this guy thought he could get his 15 minutes of fame. It is totally BS. We need to ignore this crap and get on with talking about the issues.

  24. NC Atty,

    Could be a ploy or not. We’ll see. If it is, then that will become apparent sooner or later and we’ll all move on. And while I do agree it’s important to stay focused on the issues in this campaign, I also think that if there’s evena sliver of a chance that this is true, then it definitely becomes an issue. Why? Because if Palin is willing to shove a black kid aside who is the real father of her grandchild-to-be and then drop a white kid in his place because he looks more acceptable to her Republican base who, presumably, couldn’t stand for an interracial deal, then that says a whole lot about the character/lack of character of the woman who could be second-in-line to the presidency.

    So sure, maybe it’s a gimmick. Very well could be. But nobody’s proven yet that it is. And I think it’s worth looking into.

  25. I agree we do not know, however this is not your usual prank. He is messing with some very big, important and powerful figures here. I’m not sure if I can believe he made it up, but who knows.

  26. Hey, if you guys want to check out the astrological aspects of Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, go to

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  28. Honeylize,

    Seriously??? Wow. I wasn’t even aware of that.
    Thank you very much for the compliment and for the information. Come on back anytime!

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  30. I would just really like to get to the bottom of this matter without any cover up’s. I this is true is there anythimg else that Palin needs to come clean on. (???)

  31. yep…just as many of us knew from jump, kevin was simply promoting his “rap career”.

  32. if this poor little innocent baby is born black, they are gonna have it killed (murdered) instantly, and then it say it was still born or switch to some body’s white baby. so sad.

  33. Ron,

    Did a confession/story just break that I didn’t hear about…?

    Willie Hines,

    I sure hope you’re wrong about that!

  34. @teamowens313:
    There never was a story outside of that fact that “Kevin” is an aspiring rapper, so there was/is nothing to break.

    Here is the 3rd video “Kevin” made, in regards to his claims that he is the father of Bristol’s baby:

    “Kevin” used drama and controversy to gain free publicity.
    Some people thought his tactic was genius. I personally saw him as an opportunist (and fraud) from day one. I really do follow media, music and pop culture that hard. I used to work at major record labels in the late 90’s….so I know BS when I see/hear/read it.

    I found your site via Google.
    I wound up at Mo’Kelly’s site after reading your initial post about “Kevin’s” story. Mo’Kelly posted on his blog (last Tues or Wed), a email from “Kevin”, and that he “might” have some exclusive news coming shortly.

    By Sunday (Sept 14), The 2 articles about Kevin and the many comments that were on Mo’Kellys blog last week, were / are now gone. Deleted. If you try and google them you wont find them, but if you are a RSS feed subscriber, the 2 articles are visible (minus the comments).

    A lot of people were duped, or gave “Kevin” the benefit of the doubt. I hate the fact that “Kevin” toyed with peoples emotions and pretended to be sincere, just to jump start his ambition to become a rapper.

    He sold his soul for 15 minutes of internet publicity.

  35. Hey Ron,

    I just went and checked Mo’Kelly’s site, and sure enough that piece has been pulled. Must admit that’s pretty interesting to say the least. Thanks for passing that along.

  36. teamowens313:
    Check Kevin’s MySpace page, and this YTube link as well:

  37. This just isn’t true!… The real truth about Bristol Palin’s baby is to be found if you go to Flickr, here:

    Spot which Palin was carrying the 'Good Omen' baby?

    The Almighty Baby-God Jesus told me himself, and guided me there,,, in a vision!

  38. even when he is an aspiring rapper he should listened because some true can come from his mouth. only time will tell who is lying in this national drama.

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