Welcome to the “D” Spot



Hey there.

Perhaps the first thing you’re wondering is why we chose that name and what, exactly, is it supposed to mean?

Good question, friend. Curiosity never killed the cat, but lack of curiosity just may be the difference between the cat that found the

mouse and the one still waiting around for that mouse to come knocking at the door with a “Dinner is served” sign wrapped around its little tail.

We believe curiosity is a good thing. We also believe that lack of curiosity, to a fairly large degree, has a lot to do with why Detroit still suffers from this sociopathic image of the city that God gave up on and the devil doesn’t have time for. The curious take the time to investigate and sort through what is fiction and what is fact. If there’s no time for that (because we’re all so much busier than we really are) then those intelligent enough to be curious will at least withhold judgment until enough information is acquired to fashion an informed opinion.

As for the less-than-curious, well, it really is so much easier to let someone else do your thinking for you, isn’t it?

We really would hate to see that happen to you, friend, which is why we decided to start this blog. The fiction is that Detroit is an abandoned hell hole to stay away from at all costs, especially if you value your morals and your life. The fact is that Detroit is about so much more than who got shot last week, and it is has so many more dimensions than the legend of Motown music and cars.

Do really bad things happen in Detroit? Yep. Are there a lot of poor people in Detroit? Yep. Are race relations strained here? You bet. Is there great music in Detroit? More than you could imagine. Is there culture in Detroit? See the answer we just gave about music. Will Detroit survive? In Detroit, survival is a growth industry.

Detroit is what you might call strange beautiful. Some folks get addicted to it, others run away screaming. Even the best things in life aren’t for everybody. But before you decide whether or not Detroit is for you, seek out the truth. That’s where The D Spot will come in handy. We consider it our mission from this day forward to balance the picture. With a lifetime’s worth experience living and working in ‘The D’, which translates to more than 60 years combined, we’ve lived through much of the best and worst in Detroit’s recent history. We don’t know it all, by any means, but we know a lot. And what we don’t know there’s a good chance we can find out.

Just one more thing. This little spot is a bit different from other blogs you might have checked out. Here, each category has an introduction, just to give you an idea of what you might find in there. If you can, we’d really appreciate it if you take a few moments and read the intro to whatever category you happen to be visiting. Just to put things into some perspective is all.

We’re here to help, friend. Enjoy The D Spot.

109 Responses to “Welcome to the “D” Spot”

  1. Yo!!! This is the “D” for reals! DOPENESS! So glad y’all are on it. Represent, friends. Represent!!

  2. We’re definitely all about the real “D” dopeness here, Lupe’s Mama. And we do intend to stay on it and on it some more.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  3. Hey teamowens313, this you LA cuz, Brett’s Mom. I’m not from “D” but your blog is cool. “D” is lucky to have a couple of lovers like you.

  4. This is certainly an elegantly designed site. I will be checking in…

  5. Wow- What a beautiful site. I love the “D” and I know it is one of God’s favorite spots. I can not wait to see more right here.

  6. Keith,

    This is great man. Thanks for the add. I will add you to my space account. Much love man….

  7. Thank you for the comment on my page. It was nice to hear from another local who cares so much about the city we call home. I have added your link to my page and appreciate seeing that you have me on yours! Take care and best regards to you and yours.

  8. Hello Kaoblues,

    I like your intro. Very nicely done. Welcome to the MyBlogLog community.


  9. Hey Jose!

    Thanks much for the kind words. I’m facing a steep learning curve on this thing, but I’m enjoying it every step of the way.

  10. I Think that this site is GREAT! Thanks Pam for telling me about it….

  11. Pam you guys have an amazing blog! Very interesting and quite informative. Keep up the good work:-)

  12. Thank you for the kind words you posted about me on MyBlogLog. I wish you much success in your ventures.


  13. Great blog now that I know what that means:) I’m going to enjoy checking you all out often. Thank you for the link as well. bwmih-BAM for life:)

  14. Nice blog and thanks for the link to my podcast. I think what you all are doing is great. We have to build up our cities and let people know the real deal about them. If you ever want to be on my podcast, let me know. I’ll add your blog to my site also.

  15. Hey Theo!

    Thanks for the kind words about the site, and you’reabsolutely right about building up our cities. Tearing down is easy, but creating and building requires work, perseverance, and faith. We all know where the easy road leads, so I choose the other way.

    And for sure I’d be glad to be on your podcast, just let me know what I need to do. I’m pretty new at all this, very new infact, but my learning curve is starting to accelerate pretty quick. Necessity, brother, necessity.


  16. I used to be terrified of Detroit, when I was younger. But now it seems like everyone runs up there week after week. I even hear that Fantasia is up there a lot, clubbing.

    I wanted to shout out to you and say wassup from Toledo, Ohio. It’s right next door, but some might not even know where I’m talking about. Anyways, HEY!

  17. Hey TrewLife.

    Just got back from rehearsal and had a chance to check out your site. Had a lot of fun reading your stuff, and I can tell you’ve got a good sense of humor, which one definitely needs in this life. So you’re in Toledo..? You’re practically a homeboy! Good to have you in the neighborhood. And yeah, you’re right. Detroit used top be the Terror Dome, but the nightlife around here now is jumping pretty swift, which is good to see. Times are gonna stay pretty tough probably for the next few years, but once we get over the hump….?

  18. Hey Keoblues,

    Thanks for adding me to your Afro Bloggin roll. I really appreciate that!


  19. Not a problem, Jose. Glad to do it!

  20. Welcome to the blogosphere! Nice to see another Detroiter in the mix.

    Peace & have fun,

  21. Thank you much for the welcome, bygbaby! Much appreciated. It’s good to be in the electronic mix, and it’s definitely fun.

  22. Detroit….God’s Country??? Make it so…..

  23. Detroit WHAT! You’re going to want to put the Boggs Center in this piece somewhere.

  24. Thanks for that info, Lester. Much appreciated. I just added the Boggs Center to the “Community Organizations” section of my blogroll.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  25. I lived in Detroit from 1986-1994. My grandparents lived there for most of their adult life. My Mom’s childhood was spent in Detroit … and my uncle still has (313) area code on his phone. Anyhow, I’m glad to have discovered the “D” spot!

  26. Hey Villager!

    I’m definitely glad you discovered us too! Hope to see you often!

  27. K.O.’s the MAN! This is the kind of blog we need in our beloved D. I will be visiting daily.

  28. Hey Kieth….I vote that the D gets Capitalized. We ain’t no small d. My 2 cents

  29. Mocity Goodnews!

    Good to hear from you Ken, and thanks much for dropping by so soon. You should know that Pam said the dame thing about the small “D” and I agree, but I’m still trying to figure out how to change the template – if I even can. It’s one of the wordpress built-in deals, and I don’t think I can change it. But if there be a way…

  30. where there’s D energy there’s a way. Paul Chambers lives!!

  31. I am a fellow Villager who has never been to Detroit. Looking forward to you taking me there.

    Best to you

  32. Hop on board, Taureandevi. The ride may get a little wild sometimes, but hey. This is Detroit! Glad to have you, and look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood often.

  33. Hey! I am really excited that you introduced me to your blog. I love Detroit and I’m glad to see someone else who loves this city! I can’t wait to read more! Thanks for the great blog! DETROIT LOVE

  34. Thanks so much missalexx, and Detroit love backatcha!

  35. Wow! What an incredible post! First of all, what incredible writing. Secondly, I’m from Atlanta, but if I were even considering Detroit, you definitely make a great case here. Thirdly, I love your introduction to the D Spot in speaking about it in terms of curiosity and its necessity. Although I will never move back to the north/midwest (I’m from Milwaukee and it’s simply too cold), I will subscribe and be back just to read what you have to say!

  36. Thanks so much for the support KWiz! That means an awful lot. And believe me I’m not blaming you for wanting to stay warm. Heat is important! I hope to keep writing the kind of posts that will keep you coming back!

  37. great name and great city

  38. Thanks much, JD. I appreciate that!

  39. Great post! Nice title for your blog too!

  40. Hey blessed! Thank you so much, I really appreciate that. Come back again soon!

  41. Sounds like I’ll have to pay a visit!

  42. Hey Tisha! Thanks a lot for stopping by and taking a look around. Hope to see you in the neighborhood often.

  43. Thanks for this post my brothers. I spent some time as a child in East Lansing, and my mother thought school in Flint. I will always have mad love for Michigan and Detroit. (Heck I am still Tigers fan to this day)

    Thanks for repping your city, and bringing truth to all who read your blog.


  44. Field,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for the kind words. That means a lot coming from you. Seriously. And we do plan to stand up for Detroit as long as our legs hold out!

  45. Hi there, found your site through tamiki and am really enjoying it. Great writing and interesting to learn about a city I know so little about like Detroit. I’ve linked to you from my site – hopefully I can direct a couple more people your way.

  46. Hey George!

    Thanks so much for the support, man. Seriously. I very much appreciate it, and I promise to throw some support your way as well.

    And tell Tamiki I said THANK YOU!

  47. I just love the way you wrote this! I used to go to Detroit when I was a kid… from Chicago on our way to … Windsor…to get our taste of “foreign travel”! Now I’ve been living in Italy for so long, I just love to read some prose that sounds so heartfelt and at the same time, wise.

    An Italian author, Lilli Gruber wrote a chapter on Detroit in her most recent book, and her view was so negative. She should have met up with you first, because that phrase, “survival is a growth industry” was pure poetry, mixing the good with the bad. Much luck on this blog! Keep it beautiful!

  48. What’s up, ‘D’ man! Badger though you may, I dig Detroit. Have wonderful memories of hanging out w/ hippy cousins at Belle Isle in the 80s. The D can be a bumpin’ town!

  49. Kweenkong!

    Thanks so much for dropping by and checkin out The “D” Spot. You’re right about the city, too. The D can definitely be a blast to hang out in. Glad you’ve got good memories.

    I’ll be popping over to your blogsite directly…

  50. Yo K.O.,

    Sorry it took me so long to get here but I finally did and it’s great! So deep!! It certainly adds legitimacy to all your verbal rambling I had to put up with for all these years! 🙂

    On the serious tip, though: Thanks brother for illustrating how Detroit cannot be summed up with the occasionally crazy-ass news story that makes the national news.

    One of the things that constantly amazes me is the egregious lack of historical and socialogical context that folks have for what Detroit is now. When people criticize the city’s failings, it’s almost as if they believe that one day, a bunch of Detroiters woke up and said “let’s turn the city to crap!”

    Detroit’s problems are neither unique nor all encompassing. Is Detroit the only major metropolitan city with a large population of people of color who are poor? Can you say “New Orleans?” Is Detroit the only major city that has a crime problem? Can you say “Gary, Indiana?” Race problems? “Boston, Mass.”

    In other words, as Detroit goes, so do so many other cities around the country. However, since our problems are easier to point to than other places, we get dubbed the poster child for what’s wrong with Urban America.

    If you just look at Detroit’s 20th-century history, the city’s relevance to and impact on national history is vast and deep. The 20th-century middle class was born here, thanks to Henry Ford and his “$5-a-day” plan. The last century’s take on the labor-managment relationship was defined here. We were the “Arsenal of Democracy” during WWII. Hell, we even invented coney islands and boston coolers. How cool is that??!!!

    And then, there are the sadder truisms. Folks from other countries could easily determine the state of America’s corporate inefficiencies, its race relations and other quality-of-life challenges by looking at what’s happened in Detroit in the last 50 years.

    O.K., remember what I said about your rambling?? Forget about it…I think I got you beat. Keep on doin’ what you do, baby!

  51. Notasculptor!

    Hey man, long as you made it here, that’s the main thing. And your comments are great. Seriously. I’ve always admired your deep knowledge off this city and its history, and I really appreciate you sharing that on our site. Come on back!

  52. Hello, my name is Alfred, i’m a newbie here. I really do like your forum and really interested in things you discuss here, also would like to enter your community, hope it is possible:-) Cya around, best regards, Alfred!

  53. Hey Alfred.

    Thanks for dropping by, man, and I’m glad you enjoyed your visit. Feel free to join the community. Be glad to have you, and hope you’ll be hanging out on a regular basis.


  54. I’ve never been to the D-spot. I guess I better get on the ball.

  55. Debo Hobo!

    Great to have you aboard, and I hope we’ll be seeing you in the neighborhood a lot, my friend.
    Take care.

  56. Man i grew up in the D, I hadn’t been home for nearly two years when I went downtown and saw the place completely transformed. I’m glad to see the city is coming up and that there’s a site with so much pride for the Blackest city in the nation. Keep up the good work.

  57. What’s up Brandon!
    Thanks much for dropping by, and I really appreciate the kind words about our site. I hope you’ll be dropping by often!

    Take care.

  58. I’ve never been to Detroit, but I can tell you that it’s not the hell hole of America because that title is reserved for Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 🙂 Hello from across the lake.

  59. Geekmom!

    Hello Backatcha! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you’ll be back with some more news from across the lake. So Eau Claire is the true hell hole of America, eh? I must admit you guys have been doing a hell of a job flying under the radar to be so notorious. We need to take some lessons! 🙂

  60. I read the article on 1967…”Forty years later”. We’re working on special reports this month. My part involves revisiting the 12th/Clairmount area and talking with people there. Would like your help, but don’t know how to reach you. Feel free to contact me at WDET.

  61. Pat,

    Could you send me an email with the number I can reach you to the following email address: kaoblues@aol.com. I’d be happy to work with you in any way I can.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  62. Hey,

    Wondering if you’d like to help poromote some events in Detroit. Drop me a line.

  63. Ryan,

    Tell me more, and let me know where I can contact you. I’ll tell you up front I’m pretty tied up with a number of projects and don’t want to overload myself. But I’d still be interested to hear what you’ve got going.

    And thanks for stopping by!

  64. Great Site, Great City!!!

  65. Pam,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comments!

  66. Hello when will this blog be updated, please??

    Bria 😉

  67. You guys gotta be kidding me

  68. Aside from the pep rally responses, what’s really going on with Detroit? We have a 89% black population living in squalor. A mayor under indictment. A police department that doesn’t take 911 calls seriously, Book fairs where no one buys any books and a Arab dominated commercial industry.

    Detroit is the hub of the black haircare industry and yet not one person in Detroit has the intelligence, wear for all or courage to organize the black haircare industry to empower the lives of its’ inhabitants or to strategize a plan to overthrow Detroits Arab dominance.

    Detroit is under the same system of South Africa’s apartheid where the minority controls the majority.

  69. Thanks for dropping by and for your thoughtful comments, Enoch. Hope you come by again sometime.

  70. At last, a Detroit blog by some black folk. Considering my 8 years of living there and my not infrequent blogging about Kwame and dysfunction in black leadership on display in Detroit, I was dying for a place to check in for a black voice out of Motown. Glad to have found one.

  71. Glad to be of some service, Aaron, and glad to be here. Thanks so much for stopping by and for the positive comment. Stop by anytime, my friend.

  72. Aaron,

    One more thing. If you’re looking for good black blogs in Detroit, please check out my wife’s site – the companion site to this one – at The D Spot Redeux. The link is under my black blog links. Admittedly I’m biased, but it’s an excellent site.

  73. I’m always looking for more blogs and sites on Detroit. Great design and I look forward to more. Also check out my Detroit travel site. I’m trying to show all the positives of Detroit to the visitor out there. Take care.


  74. Hey Dominic!

    Thanks much for stopping by and for the kind words. I did check out your site and was quite impressed. Great job, man. I have added a link to your site ’cause other folks should definitely be aware of what you’ve got going on.


  75. I love the concept o the D spot…D stands for “dangerously” delicious.

    I love it! Will be back…onelove..iriegal

  76. Thanks Dee! See you when you get back!

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  78. H,

    I guess my first question would be what exactly is involved in blog post sponsorship?

  79. Dunno who H is but as he posted the exact same thing on my blog i googled the email address and ended up here and on another blog.

  80. Thanks, Laura. Guess that would explain why I haven’t anymore from H…

  81. I have an email from H. with the same text exactly 🙂 I think this is a game!!

  82. Much obliged Keith for all you do in the blogosphere and for your continued support and encouragement of Sojourner’s Place. You really humble me by displaying the Emblem. Much obliged! Very much obliged!

  83. Sojourner,

    I just want to say thank you again for the honor of that award. It means an awful lot. I guess we’re humbling each other, eh?

  84. Well I love the title… but ya know, there’s just (way) too many Red Wings fans in Detroit for me. But a virtual tour? Yeah, I could be down with that.

  85. Hello neighbor to the north. You have something goin’ on here.

  86. Congratulations!

    Stop by my blog any time you’d like and break bread!

  87. Black Women Blow The Trumpet,

    Thanks so much for coming by and for the invitation. I did visit your site and it’s great. I will be a regular visitor!

  88. Cool intro!
    I will stop by again. I feel the same way about LA, Long Beach and my beloved Compton that you write about in your blog. There’s so much more to a city than its current press!

  89. Thanks Jaycee! Stop by anytime.

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  93. I’ve lived all over the world and some places I’ve liked better or less than other, but the one thing I found is that every place has something to offer and can be home if you let it.

    • Popartdivatv,

      First of all thanks much for dropping by and taking the time to comment.
      And what you said is so true. It’s all in how you approach a place, you know?

  94. Very cool blog, Keith! Great idea … As a Detroiter, born and bred, who moved away long ago (for many reasons but NOT because I didn’t love the city …)it’s great to see this! Keep up the good work! :-))

  95. Cool site, love the info.

  96. Good job. keep it up

  97. I’m the 100th reply to this post!!! I truly appreciate the vibe of your Detroit-based blog. I look forward to reading this blog as Detroit enjoys its next renaissance!

    • Hello BDPA!
      And congratulations – and thank you – for being my 100th reply on the Welcome post! I’m so glad you appreciate what I’m trying to do here in support of my city, and I do hope you’ll keep coming back and letting me know what you like as well as what you don’t like. Always trying to get better.

      Take care, and see you again soon!

  98. I want to help Detroit.

  99. Sorry. Even if what you say about Detroit having a vibrant cultural life is true, I’m not going to risk MY life in order to hear a good song or have a taste of the local cuisine. While I have only your word about what “glories” lie hidden in Detroit’s nooks and crannies, the crime rates there speak for themselves through the statistics of local law enforcement and the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. You had an illiterate sex-pervert as your board of education president, so how do I know that your police department isn’t run by drug-dealing crooks or that your fire department doesn’t hire arsonists? No, I’m not going to visit Detroit in my lifetime. Maybe never! I’d as soon walk into a bush camp full of African cannibals after dousing myself in steak sauce.

    Yes, Detroit had a glorious past. Once upon a time, during Mr. Henry Ford’s heyday, it was one of the world’s most prosperous cities. But then came the Second World War, and what the bombs did to Berlin and Nagasaki, the blacks did to Detroit. In fact, if you had to choose between getting hit by an atomic bomb and getting invaded by a bunch of blacks, you’d be wise to pick the atomic bomb. Nagasaki is a nice-looking town nowadays.

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    • Hi Branche,

      I actually haven’t been using this blog for over three years, nearly four. My new blog site is keithaowens.com. But I do appreciate your interest and certainly I would be interested in hearing more about what you’d like for me to do. I’m definitely open to guest posting. Look forward to hearing from you, and thanks again for your interest.

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