Kwame Kilpatrick is Detroit’s curse

From a writer’s perspective – especially that of a journalist – Kwame Kilpatrick is without question the gift that keeps on giving. Last year he provided the Free Press with a Pulitzer, and this year it looks like the Tales of Kilpatrick will only be getting bigger and better. If Kilpatrick was the only story in town, he just might be the only story Detroit needed to keep the pundits well fed and the rest of the media fat, happy and belching from over consumption of spicy headline fodder.

So yeah, viewed from that perspective, I can only hope and pray that the disgraced former mayor just keeps on screwing up because his antics could provide me with enough material to create a blog created solely for the purpose of shining a light on the steadily expanding volume of this man’s bullshit.

But viewed from the perspective of a regular citizen who lives in the city and who only wants the city to function in the way that most normal cities do so that we can experience the actual thrill of living in a semi-normal city that can competently provide at least a modicum of city services that so many other cities take for granted? Viewed from that angle, there is no resemblance whatsoever between Kilpatrick and any sort of gift. This man is a curse.

The Curse of Detroit

I fully realize that the most recent stories coming to light about Kilpatrick allegedly running his office as a criminal enterprise are – for the moment – only allegations that have yet to be proven in court. Although the Feds are apparently strongly considering trying to net Kilpatrick under the RICO laws – laws used to sweep up notoriously corrupt and dangerous organizations such as the Mafia – that still hasn’t happened yet. And so, technically, at this point these are only stories that have appeared in the local media after breaking first in the Detroit Free Press. But I also don’t think it takes a legal scholar to figure out that if Kilpatrick has been under scrutiny by the Federal government for the past five years? That if the Feds have been working that long and that patiently to bring a case against Kilpatrick? And that if so many of Kilpatrick’s associates (and family members like Dear old Dad Bernard Kilpatrick) have also either been brought down already or are otherwise ensnared in this whole mess, then there is a rather strong likelihood that the House of Kilpatrick is about to fall. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next month or even next year. But it most definitely is going down, and in flames.

And when that day does finally come, what will we do without him? Will Detroit finally be given permission to move forward without having to constantly be reminded every other day of the reason why our rear ends are so sore and we can’t walk upright? And once granted that permission by the (please God let it be so) disappearance of Kilpatrick from the headlines, will Detroit wipe him off the bottom of its shoe and begin walking in the direction of a brand new day? Will we maintain the fed-up spirit that tossed out the majority of our former city councilmembers that brought us nothing but embarrassment for so damned long?

Or will we miss him…?

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~ by Keith A. Owens on February 24, 2010.

One Response to “Kwame Kilpatrick is Detroit’s curse”

  1. Yep, Kwame should get credit for his own little jobs program and stimulus for all the media and federal agents he keeps employed, not to mention the tons of lawyers. All themooney those out-of-towners are spending certainly helps offset the region’s unemployment a hair.

    I’m afraid you ask a very valid, and scary, question. Everyone I know wants to get past him. But now people are helping him pay his restitution! Why? -shakes head in amazement-

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