No more Subway! he said

First of all, and I suppose you could call this somewhat of a confession, I do love Subway. Seriously. I always figure that if I’ve got enough in the bank account to get myself a Subway sandwich for lunch while I’m at work, then perhaps things will work out after all. Sad, it’s true, but we all have our little tricks of the trade for navigating our carcasses through this sometimes dark and lonely tunnel called life

But enough with the pathetic semi-poetic images already.

So I’m standing there about to place my order for my favorite ( Italian BMT double meat double cheese on Italian Herbs and Spices bread, toasted of course, with lettuce, tomatoes, and plenty of black olives plus mayo), thankful to be inside from the 14 degree weather outside, when the brother behind the counter gives me this broad one-side-of-the-face-to-the-other smile flashing every tooth in his head. Realizing that this is not an everyday occurrence to see someone so deliriously happy to be offering me service at a Subway – although this particular cat does get points for nearly always being in a good mood whenever I’ve been there – I smile back somewhat tentatively and ask him what’s up.

“No more Subway after today!” he enthuses.

I do love it so...

Immediately my heart begins to race and pound inside my chest as I fear the worst because, well, I live in Detroit and you just gotta be prepared for that sorta shit. Not that Detroiters can’t always find a way to handle the worst – even if we don’t always handle the worst in the best way – but no good Detroiter isn’t usually prepared to deal with the likelihood that there may be some bullshit in the game.

“What you mean no more Subway?” I ask , fearful that a sushi bar was going to installed in its place. Which, of course, would require that this particular Detroiter just might be forced to handle the situation…

“Got my old job back!” he said. “At the hospital! Man, they called me up and I start back on Monday. Only got the one shift but I’ma see can I get me that afternoon shift too. ‘Cause workin’ at this Subway…? I mean, this a young boy’s work, you know? When you 40 plus? Like me? I mean, when  I got laid off…”

And that’s when the woman who came in behind me smiled and chimed in, “You gotta do what you gotta do.”

“That’s right!” he said. “But now…?”

And I remembered the time not that many years ago when I had to work at UPS for three years doing the 4-8 am shift five days a week unloading package trailers. I lost 15 pounds in about a month, and my back still ain’t quite right. Great guys, needed the job, and I’m thankful for it ’cause there wasn’t anything else at the time. But that’s not what you want to be doing for three years straight when you’re 45 years old.

No more Subway indeed, my brother. No more Subway indeed…

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~ by Keith A. Owens on January 29, 2010.

One Response to “No more Subway! he said”

  1. I’m glad he was able to work at Subway and I’m glad he got his job at the hospital back. It’s cool he wanted to share that with you and he obviously felt so good about it. An excellent post, my friend.

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