Happy OSF! Gone but not forgotten

Hell yes I miss Michael, but that is just too quick and easy. Not to diss anyone who made that choice, please understand. Not at all. But there are others, too…

Hiram Bullock was one of the finest jazz fusion/funk/pop whatever else guitarists around and for years one of the most in demand. He passed away over a year ago and will be sorely missed.

And then there was Eddie Hazel, Funkadelic’s original guitarist. This was a brother who died way, way before his time.

And then of course (you knew this was coming), there was…

Did I mention I was a guitar player…? Doesn’t show, does it?

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~ by Keith A. Owens on December 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “Happy OSF! Gone but not forgotten”

  1. Great picks especially Johnny B Good! I heard that on Pandora the other day!
    Stop by my new OSF Spot when you get the chance.

  2. Very nice choices!

    Happy OSF!

  3. Man, great picks. Never heard of the first two guys and never seen this one of Hendrix jamming Johnny B Good.

    Outstaning!. Happy belated OSF.

  4. Great choices! I love that you didn’t go with the obvious. Plenty of great musicians were gone way before their time.

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