Democratic party infected by fake Democrats, and that could kill health care reform


But we already knew that the Republicans would do whatever they could to blow up the health care reform bill. Anybody who was shocked by that has apparently gotten their news channel confused with their cartoon channel.

So yeah. Of course they did. The more fearful they become that health care reform could actually happen, and weighing the consequences of what such a dramatic achievement could do for the standing of President Barack Obama, they stayed up late nights figuring out where to aim their next shot because they were beginning to run low on bullets. And that’s when our resident village idiot from Michigan, Rep. Bart Stupak, came up with the abortion tactic. He and his crew decided that the best way to peel votes away from this thing in the House was to throw up  a smoke screen using the Republicans’ age-old favorite issue of abortion. Rather than coming out and saying they simply must derail health care reform and President Obama by any means necessary (because the polls show Obama’s popularity is back up again and a majority of Americans are strongly in favor of health care reform) the decision was made to instead say, “Hey, I just can’t support a bill that might provide federal funds to abortion. Nothing against health care or that Obama guy, but we simply must stand up for these unborn kids.”

And 64 so-called Democrats actually fell in line behind that shit. And that, my friends, is the real and true shocker. Because it exposes the Achille’s heel of this supposed Democratic majority on the Hill, namely that it is not a true majority in any shape or form. The Democratic party is infected by a host of fake Democrats, many of whom are so conservative that one has to wonder why they got on board our boat in the first place. Or why we welcomed them aboard. I mean, I’d rather have 50 team members I knew I could count on than 64 who had knives pulled and aimed at the lower portion of my spine. That’s not exactly what you’d call team comraderie.

And Stupak apparently figured that out and went to work building that revelation into the design of his political grenade, which regrettably forces me to re-evaluate my assessment of him as a village idiot. Because that was a pretty deft political move, Bart. Evil as hell, but most definitely the kind of cold hard politics we’ve all come to love about Washington.

So just to make sure we’re clear; this isn’t about saving the unborn at all.  This isn’t even about opposition to health care reform. Not really. This is about strangling Obama’s agenda in its crib before it can get up and walk. So somebody had better set some traps inside that crib. Either that or make sure baby is packing heat.

evil baby

Do ya feel lucky punk? Go ahead. Fuck with my health care. Go 'head.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on November 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “Democratic party infected by fake Democrats, and that could kill health care reform”

  1. See, UNLIKE the republicans, we have different opinions in the democratic party. Opinions show thought, rank and file is bad. You sound just like a right wing nut job, congratulations for showing that there are just as many dumb fucks on the left as on the right. Do us a favor and shut up, you make the rest of us democrats look bad!

  2. @reality, let me see if I’ve got this right. Republicans all think alike but Democrats are free thinkers. Can you help me understand why all of Michigan’s Democrats voted for this House bill? What about all but 2 of Michigan’s Democrats voted for increasing the US House budget? And I’m confused about all the votes almost exclusively along party lines regarding Michigan’s state budget fiasco.

    I’m not saying Republicans didn’t vote lock-step in all these, too. I’m just saying Democrats aren’t as independent as you’re claiming.

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