Happy OSF! A Tribute to Black Rock Music


As some of you folks may have figured out by now, I am a huge fan of both funk and black rock. Funk gets quite a bit of attention and credit, but not nearly enough attention is given to black rock. Consider this my small, but heartfelt contribution to the cause of black rock and rollers everywhere.

In my opinion, one of the baddest, most underappreciated black rock bands ever was Mother’s Finest. These MFs were the real deal.

And then there was Living Color. This song got some good play, as did Living Color, but once again they simply did not receive the acclaim that they should have.

And of course there has always been Parliament Funkadelic, who (thankfully) received considerable acclaim and recognition, though more for their funk exploits when, in fact, their rock contributions were easily as strong if not more so. Check out Eddie Hazel, Funkadelic’s original lead guitarist for Funkadelic. This brother was the SHIT…

But the father of them all? The Voodoo Child himself…

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~ by Keith A. Owens on September 25, 2009.

8 Responses to “Happy OSF! A Tribute to Black Rock Music”

  1. What a wonderful tribute post–I cannot thank you enough for it! I agree with you about Funkadelic’s lack of recognition in the rock area. The concert footage definitely demonstrates their prowess in rock. Happy OSF!

  2. Great tribute! I love the Cult of Personality!


    HAPPY OSF!!!

  4. PPScribe, REgina, CCGroovy,

    Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Wonderful! You are right, black rock (which was just rock originally before some folks stole it but that’s a whole other story) is sadly overlooked. Great post.

  6. This is nice! I was totally on that Living Colour bandwagon…loved them!

    Happy OSF!

  7. You are so right regarding Living Color. I am hoping that their new album will bring their energy to a whole new audience. I just saw them recently and let me tell you, they haven’t changed one bit!

    Learned about some new artists here too. Thanks for the “Rocking” OSF!

  8. You continue to educate me on music and artists that simply weren’t in my rotation. I learned about Living Colour during a Eddie Murphy film back in the day…

    peace, Villager

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