Happy OSF! Betcha didn’t know I dig Patsy Cline…


So the theme this week is songs y’all would be surprised I know, eh? Yeah, well I definitely have got a surprise for you good people. I don’t know how many of you are hip to country singerPatsy Cline, but if you are then you know she was one of the most talented singers ever. Not just talking about country singers either. This woman’s voice was silk smooth and so expressive. Everything a great singer should be. Plus she was one hell of a songwriter.

As “I Fall to Pieces” makes all too plain…

SHAMELESS PLUG: Read my wife’s blog @ The “D” Spot Redeux


~ by Keith A. Owens on August 28, 2009.

9 Responses to “Happy OSF! Betcha didn’t know I dig Patsy Cline…”

  1. one of my favorites!

  2. I started laughing as soon as I read Patsy Cline, and I am surprised. I would have never guessed. LOL!

    Actually I love this song, but I’m still shocked. Now I wished I would have posted Dolly Pardon.

  3. Happy OSF! Do you watch her the biographical TV-movie when it comes on too? Truth to tell … I enjoy country music when I take time to listen to it. Usually only listen on those long cross-country drives in the car…

    I invite your blog readers to enjoy music by Gino Vanelli. He is the artist that you would be surprised that I listen to…

    peace, Villager

    • Hey Villager,

      Yep. Definitely watched the movie. Loved it. Also really liked “Coal Miner’s Daughter” with Sissy Spacek. The bit portraying the relationship between Patsy and Loretta Lynn (Spacek) was really well done.

  4. Her voice is smooth. Great choice. Happy OSF

  5. Now this WAS a surprise…and a pleasant one at that!

    Someone mentioned Coal Miner’s Daughter…I loved that movie!

    Happy OSF!

  6. My first encounter with Patsy Cline was during an 8 hr drive from Montreal to NYC, thanks to my Dad. And it was about 10 yrs ago. I grumbled my way through the first two plays, but then found myself singing along after the 4th. Since then, I have been a lover of all things Patsy…lol 🙂

    Happy OSF!

  7. Wow, that’s the first time I actually listened to it all the way through. She did have a great voice. Nice pick.

    Guess what? I went country too (LOL). Check out mine on MartyBLOGs when you get a sec. Happy OSF!

  8. Yep! You are absolutely correct! I would have never ever thought that you were a Patsy fan. But then again, I like Peggy Lee – so go figure! LOL

    Hope you get a chance to drop by SjP’s. I got it right this week!

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