Happy OSF! Prom song or dance…


OK, I could lie and tell you we were playing P-Funk, Bootsy, James Brown, and the Commodores at my prom, but, well, the truth I’m willing to bet (for those of you who know my addiction to the funk) will be considerably more interesting.

These guys were one of my absolute favorite bands when I was a youngster.

Yes. For real.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on August 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “Happy OSF! Prom song or dance…”

  1. Happy OSF! I’ve never heard of this group. Thanx for the learning. It’s an unknown story that I went to the prom gathering at Disneyland … but, never attended the prom itself. As such I went in a different direction with a tribute to Barack Obama and The Dells.

    peace, Villager

  2. I’ve heard of these guys but I don’t know that I would have recognized them on the radio back in the day. You’ve given me some YouTube homework. Good funk-rock pick and thanks for the assignment.

  3. O.K. I did find one from these guys that I know. “We’re An American Band” was their hit that I remember. These dudes rocked hard all the time (LOL).

  4. This is new for me…I think I could like it…

    Happy OSF!

  5. D, you are braver than me. I had to go to 2 proms every year. My own at the parochial school and the other at the neighborhood school in the ‘hood. I thought about doing a “double consciousness” or “duel agenda” type post, but I chickened out. But I definitely feel ya’. Happy OSF!

  6. I never heard this! They are jamming!

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