America the beautiful? A black president, white crazies, and loaded guns


So some folks out there have problems with President Obama’s health care reform initiative. That’s fine. I get that. Or maybe you’ve got some other issues with the President and his agenda. Too far to the left, not far enough to the left, whatever.

Fine. I get that too.

Some folks are so upset about President Obama that they feel compelled to protest. Scream, shout, wave signs, stomp their feet. Whatever.

Still. That’s fine.

But what kinda damned fool brings a loaded assault rifle to an anti-Obama rally? And how in the hell is this supposed to be OK?

Here we have the first African American president in the nation’s history, a man who required far more  security during his campaign for the nation’s highest office than any other candidate simply because he was a black man running for office. Even though Obama made a point of playing down the multitude of death threats received – and thwarted – the fact remains that this brother is walking around with a target painted on him that only the crazies can see. And there are a lot of crazies out there.

Since when was it OK to carry a loaded assault weapon to an anti-United States President rally? --PHOTO COURTESY OF CNN

Since when was it OK to carry a loaded assault weapon to an anti-United States President rally? --PHOTO COURTESY OF CNN

But that doesn’t seem to matter in  states like Arizona (where this happened), where you can apparently walk around anywhere you like in wide open plain view with your assault rifle hanging off your shoulder. I mean, that right there is certifiably insane. But for this four-alarm level of insanity to be granted safe haven anywhere near  the President of the United States,  especially as a visible means of  demonstrating how upset someone is with the president, is beyond comprehension to me.

No, this is not a matter of whether the protest was peaceful, or whether someone so ridiculously in plain sight could actually pose any serious risk. This is about the warped message that has been broadcast to Crazy Nation by letting this fool – and others like him – roam free. The message  that anyone who doesn’t agree with the president can be allowed to demonstrate his or her level of disapproval with a loaded weapon in a public place packed tight with other hostile Crazy Nation members. Why not just pour some more gasoline on that keg of dynamite before you drop that match? I mean, let’s be thorough if we’re gonna do this thing.

Quick question: How long do you think a protester with a loaded assault rifle would have lasted at an anti-Bush rally? Shit. Cheney’s hit squad woulda had that clown snatched and burned so fast there would have been no record the ‘disturbance’ even went down. That’s because the Bush administration knew what to do with a threat, and they couldn’t have given less of a damn whether or not it was legal.  With Cheney at the helm, that crew made up the laws as they went along. You don’t believe me, just read “Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency.” Any doubts you ever had about how far that administration was willing to go to maquerade its sins and atrocities as patriotism will be forever put to rest.

But here’s the thing, which you really would think is obvious; why the need for loaded weapons at an anti-Obama rally? What could possibly pass muster as an acceptable reason for this to be allowed? How could this not be viewed as a ticking time bomb? If you just have a disagreement with the President, aren’t words and signs enough to make your point? Why bring a weapon that was designed solely to wreak havoc and extinguish human life?

What has to happen to make us all see how crazy this is?

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~ by Keith A. Owens on August 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “America the beautiful? A black president, white crazies, and loaded guns”

  1. That’s just crazy! I remember I was southbound on the Southfield the morning candidate Al Gore came to town. They shut down the northbound side for his motorcade. That was before 9/11.

    Now they’re letting goofballs show up outside presidential events with fricking assault rifles? But I still have to take my shoes off at the airport because of one shoe bomber. I don’t get it! Neither of these makes any sense.

    For the record, I didn’t support the Wall Street bailout, I didn’t think the Stimulus was the answer, and I’m not in favor of the present direction healthcare reform seems to be going in. I believe in the right to protest and the right to keep and bear arms. But I don’t think assault rifles belong at protests. I wouldn’t want to see one at the Hart Plaza fireworks!

  2. […] mouth and carrying loaded weapons to anti-Obama rallies is another issue entirely, but I already addressed that earlier. In short, those crazies need to be weeded out, spayed and neutered, then shut down. […]

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