Recent survey indicates most dogs have forgiven Michael Vick


When Michael Vick first got slammed for the whole dog-fighting thing, I had no sympathy for the man whatsoever. None. Anybody who tried to say the brother was being punished too harshly because he was a brother, or because “it wasn’t like he mistreated some actual folks” was somebody I turned off just like flicking off a switch when leaving a room. No love for Vick, and fuck him.

‘Bye. The end.

That was then. And as I admitted back then, I’m a huge dog lover. I also don’t have much tolerance for stupidity and ignorance on such a massive scale. Doesn’t mean I don’t like folks, but it does mean my insides catch fire whenever I hear about somebody mistreating a dog. In my experience, – and I’ve got quite a bit of experience with dogs both good and bad – most dogs only want to be your friend. You treat them with any amount of affection and you’ve got a friend for life that will stick by your side through a whole lot more thick and thin than a whole lotta ‘folks’.

That being said, like I said, that was then. Yeah, I’m still a dog lover, I still absolutely hate what Michael Vick did, and I still wholeheartedly believe he deserved every pound of the punishment and scorn heaped on his head. But today, 18 months later, I really do have to join those on the rational side of the road who say ‘Enough is Enough already JESUS CHRIST already damn’. Even my dogs are starting to ask me questions, wanting to know just how long are these folks gonna keep going after Vick.

Sooner or later we all deserve another chance

Sooner or later we all deserve another chance

“Most of us have moved on. So what’s holding up your species?” is what Jam, the dog who couldn’t wait to chomp off Vick’s reproductive organs when the story first broke nearly two years ago, asked me the other day.

To which I replied that I suspect most of our species has probably moved on as well. Those who even give a damn, that is. The ones who are raising the most ruckus over the decision of the Philadelphia Eagles to take a chance and sign Vick to a one-year contract are members of the PETA crew.

PETA is an organization that once upon a time I used to have some modicum of respect for, but that respect got flushed the minute they began circulating an anti-meateaters campaign targeted at African Americans several years back. The ad actually compared what was done to cows, pigs and chickens to what was done to black folks during slavery. So naturally we, as black folks, were supposed to immediately slap both hands over our mouths as our eyes popped open like shutters and run like crazy to the nearest bathroom to throw up all our fried chicken and ribs.

Yeah, well, I live in Detroit where nearly 90 percent of the residents are African American.  I’m here to tell you the campaign most definitely did not work. Big surprise. But more importantly, I suspect they lost whatever infinitesimal amount of traction they may have ever gained  with our population. I guess somebody should have probably explained to those brain-dead MFs that comparing the suffering of black people to the suffering of what they just had for dinner probably wasn’t the most intelligent recruitment strategy.

But getting back to Vick, I really don’t know how much more of a price the man is supposed to pay. He went from being the NFL’s highest paid player – and the league’s most celebrated quarterback – to just another brother behind bars. The thing he loved most was taken from him, he lost a ton of cash, not to mention his home, and his name became synonymous with animal cruelty. He was the poster-child for everything a professional athlete should NOT be.

And even now, although he’s got a 1-year contract, he still isn’t out of the woods. He seems genuinely remorseful for what he did, but his new coach says he will still be required to go out of his way to connect with the community and be a pro-active voice against animal cruelty and the sport of dog fighting. In other words, it’s no longer enough that he show out on the field, he has to be a model citizen too. And everybody’s gonna be watching. The first time he fucks up? On the field or off? All the major media will report on it and everyone will condemn him for it.

No, I don’t feel sorry for him. Not a bit. He’s been given a second chance that was by no means his right. It was basically a business decision, pure and simple. We all know that. But for Vick it was a chance – a second chance – to get his life back. Not everybody gets that chance, but I would argue that all but the most vicious and unrepentant among us deserve that chance. To say at this point that Vick doesn’t deserve to earn a living doing the one thing that he knows how to do and has trained his whole life to do is simply wrong.

Let the man work.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on August 17, 2009.

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