The perilous perfidy of the Kwame Kilpatrick pecker peccadillo


Sorry. Couldn’t help it.

The title, that is.

Sometimes the only way to deal with the insane, painful frustration that at times (too damned many times) becomes a fact of everyday life here in Detroit, is to just just say f— it and get silly. No, it doesn’t help the situation, but it definitely takes a much-needed load off the membrane.

So you remember that part in the Godfather 3, right? The only part that was worth watching? The part where Michael (Al Pacino) says, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” Yeah. So now, let’s pause and consider the most recent Kwame Kilpatrick episode

Bet you already see where I’m going with this, don’t you? Oh yeah. I’m definitely goin’ there.

Because, see, here we have an ex-mayor who, while in office, just couldn’t stop telling all us Detroiters how much he luuuuuuvvvved us.  Just luuuuuuuved us. But what of course has now become clear is that Kilpatrick never quite understood the difference between loving someone and screwing them. To him it’s all the same, so long as his dick feels good and satisfied at the end.

Play on, playa, play on..

Play on, playa, play on..

Kwametime y’all.

Now, of course the official version of the story so far is that Sheryl Robinson Wood, the court-appointed federal monitor who was supposed to be overseeing the implementation of  court-mandated changes in the Detroit Police Department for the past six years since 2003, was forced to resign when text messages (yes.  more text messages) revealed that Robinson had been carrying on an inappropriate relationship with Kilpatrick of a “personal nature.”

Now, nobody’s said sex yet. But we do know that Kwame was meeting this woman for dinner in Detroit, Washington D.C., and other unspecified locations that apparently we can’t be told about yet. No evidence anything went down more than dinner. But we do know that they had inappropriate discussions about the case. Over dinner. In various locations across the nation.

And you know? If it wasn’t Kwame? Who we already know screwed around on his wife with not only Christine Beatty but (text messages now show) a buncha other hotties to boot? Then just maybe it would be easier to walk away from this believing that all they did was conspire to screw up the consent decree over crab and a nice glass of wine or two. But by now Kwame’s ‘appetites’ have become somewhat legendary, which makes me believe that unless Mr. Johnson from Down Under was on leave, then there was most likely some knocking of boots goin’ on.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Police Department has only managed to fulfill less than half of the required reforms while Robinson was pulling down $300 an hour to screw around. Robinson’s team of monitors was clocking $183,680 a month. To  help her screw around, I guess. And screw all of Detroit in the process.

Kwametime y’all.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on July 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “The perilous perfidy of the Kwame Kilpatrick pecker peccadillo”

  1. Amazing what a playa Kwame was.

    I appreciate how you write your posts. They’re thoughtful and insightful (though, with Kwame, it’s hard to miss the obvious conclusion).

    Sadly, Detroit politics is just a vicious circle, not unlike the Daily machine in Chicago. The crux of the problem, with politics at all levels, is the tendency of the sheeple to re-elect incumbents no matter the quality of the job they did. Detroit and her citizens deserve better than that. I hope the upcoming city council elections end up moving Detroit forward.

    • Cynicalsynapse,

      I very much agree Detroiters have been very guilty of electing and re-electing some of our worst problems. It’s like we just don’t pay any attention to the record, only to the celebrity and the name. Nothing else matters. But I’m hoping (praying, actually) that Detroiters have finally hit rock bottom and are fed up to the point where they just can’t take it any more. November will tell…

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