Damn Detroit, how many lives you got?


I doubt I can say it much better than columnist Brian Dickerson did right here, but I just want to co-sign on his understandably tentative yet joyful anticipation that this could be a good year for Detroit – in a compared-to-just-how-screwed-up-we-coulda-been kinda way. Yeah, I know about the negative stuff I’ve been ranting about recently, but what can I say? When you love something it’s hard not to get really pissed when that particular something has developed – perhaps even perfected – a rather peculiar habit of letting you down repeatedly. But then, if you wait long enough and are willing to indulge your inner masochist to the nth degree, there does come that long-awaited day when you can finally raise your head up above the tattered rim of the trenches and witness…


Yep, we just might have some sunshine headed our way, Detroit. Seriously. And I know it’s nearly impossible to believe because every time we think it’s sunshine it turns out to be lightning reaching out to us from the turbulent belly of a thundercloud. For any number of years now, particularly in the political arena (and the jobs arena, and the crime arena, and the home foreclosures arena) there hasn’t been any such thing as bad Detroit news because that’s redundant. There’s only been Detroit news. If it was news, we already assumed reflexively that it was probably bad.

But come August, when Detroiters will have the opportunity to elect a new City Council, I’m beginning to get the feeling the residents of this city are in a mood to take back what’s theirs, namely their city. It took far too many years of living chained and shackled to misery and outlandishness for many of us to finally realize we were fed up, but now that we’s woke, we’s more ready to make up for lost time than ever.

That’s what I’m hoping anyway. Because the word that seems to be trickling in is that Detroiters are past ready to hurl damned near every current member of the council into the street where they can get picked up and carted off with the rest of the waste. My God how I pray that trickling word does turn out to be true. And given the rock solid calibre of at least a half-dozen of those way-too-damned-many167 candidates who qualified for the Aug. 4 primary, several of whom are thankfully fairly high on the name recognition register (given Detroit’s habit to elect anyone with a familar name, even if that name be Lucifer’s own), there does appear to be the increasingly strong possibility that we could actually wind up with a credible and compentent council. This is something we haven’t seen since…Jesus…when was that anyway?



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~ by Keith A. Owens on July 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “Damn Detroit, how many lives you got?”

  1. The journey to redemption begins with the first step … and the citizens can begin to make CORRECT steps in the next election. The city had a “renaissance” after the riots of the mid-1960s. Perhaps it is time for the next “renaissance”. There are many of us hoping that Detroit can once again be a proud and positive city in America…

    • Villager,

      I definitely believe the next renaissance is indeed what we need. And if things go as they should, I believe that’s what’s coming.
      As always, thanks for your comments and for stopping by.

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