Monica Conyers giving God and Christians a bad name


It’s not like we in Detroit didn’t see this coming, and it’s not like quite a few of us weren’t praying for this to come. So when the news finally broke this afternoon that City Councilwoman Monica Conyers appears to be on her way to facing federal criminal charges for her alleged role in a pay-to-play scheme where she took money to shuttle through a  lucrative contract for a waste disposal company, I was all prepared to jump up on my desk at work and do an end zone victory dance.

But then I read the part about where Conyers, during her local television show, started talking about how she’s a child of God and asking for everyone to pray for her and admonishing those (like myself) who haven’t prayed for her as being part of the problem. But as for those who have lifted her up in prayer to Jesus…etc…etc…etc…

And my mind started reeling back to the last days of ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick when he too started crying to God in public on TV. Matter of fact he did it in his church holding his wife’s hand as he begged Detroiters for forgiveness and understanding because he knew – or thought he knew – what effect the church has on a lot of Detroiters. Kilpatrick figured all he had to say was that the devil made him do it but that now he was a-leanin’ on God’s everlasting arm and Detroiters would just commence to rolling about in the aisles shouting ‘hallelujah our boy done been saved’. Or some shit.

Didn’t work though. Praise God.

Give God a break, Monica. And us too while you're at it.

Give God a break, Monica. And us too while you're at it.

So now here comes Monica doing the same damned thing. And as soon as I saw it I knew – just like I knew with Kilpatrick – that not only is she guilty of screwing over the people she was elected to serve but she’s guilty of abusing God’s good name. Something too many of our crooked black politicians have a tendency to do, I hate to say. The minute somebody catches one of us doing something we start callin on De Lawd. And I strongly suspect De Lawd is getting sick and tired of that bullshit.

And I also suspect if Monica keeps on with that routine she’s gonna find out just how fed up He is.

But then maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on June 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Monica Conyers giving God and Christians a bad name”

  1. […] Monica doesn’t realize is she doesn’t have the broad support she thinks she has. It seems she’s delusional if she expects broad support in the next […]

  2. Ain’t this the same chick that got into it with the 10-year-old?

    SMH…you are right about one thing; it’s always when they get caught that they start calling on the Lord…where exactly was all that praying and asking of God when you were doing wrong?

    SMH again…

    • Hey Marvalus!

      Yep, this is the one and very same Monica Conyers. The one even the children know is wack. I’m sure God loves her as a human being and all that, but God ain’t never been no fool and He ain’t never loved ugly…

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