Holocaust Museum murder was more about crazy than race


And now that it’s all said and done, what do we know? About James W. von Brunn? The 88-year-old racist who still hasn’t given up on hate after all these years and decided to attack the Holocaust Museum?

Yeah, OK. He says blacks and Jews run the court system, but that only lets us know he’s crazy. Because brother if black people ran the court system I seriously doubt we’d still be having  all these discussions at this late date about why so many of us are stuck behind bars. As for us being partners with the Jews in running the court system…?

Right. So anyway.

And then there’s the part about him being an artist. And a well-known terrorist who’s been on the radar for quite some time. And twice-divorced. And this and that and on and on.

But what do we know?

We know nothing. Because in the end, when you really examine all the hastily assembled data thrown together by hasty reporters up against a hastydeadline to provide as much data as possible and more than the other guy in a competitive attempt to create the definitive Sketch of an American Terrorist, all we really have is that this MF was crazy. The end.

And except for like-minded crazies whose twisted, tortured gray matter happens to be processing the world on the same wave-length from another dimension, most of the rest of us can’t even begin to fathom how this really works. Inside the mind of a James W. von Brunn. Because most of us are essentially normal, or at least that’s how we would be classified by this, our classification obsessed society (what do you do? where do you belong? what do we call you?). And so we don’t know how to do crazy real well because we just ain’t wired that way.

So was this the beginning of the Race War brought on by the election of an African American president? Not to mention the pollution of the pristinely white gene pool and the negro-phication of the courts?

Or was this simply one elderly, deranged lunatic howling at the moon?

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~ by Keith A. Owens on June 11, 2009.

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