It’s time to blow up Detroit’s City Council


I’m not a huge fan of  Detroit City Councilman Kwame Kenyatta – or any other current member of city council for that matter – but I do think Kenyatta made a very good point recently when he suggested that anybody else who was planning on running for the full four-year mayoral term in the fall should put those ambitions aside in the best interest of Detroit and let newly-elected Mayor Dave Bing Hold onto the reins so he can plan long-term for the betterment of this city. God knows it’s time for some continuity in this city, and going through four mayoral administrations in the space of a year ( from the disgrace of Kwame Kilpatrick to Ken Cockrel who stepped up as interim mayor from City Council per the requirements of the City Charter, and now to Dave Bing who won in Tuesday’s special election to fulfill the remainder  of Kilpatrick’s term through the fall) is the last thing Detroit needs right through here. 

And this is coming from someone who didn’t support Bing in the Special Election. I was for Cockrel, and I still think Cockrel was the better choice, although neither one of them excites me much. But now that Bing is in, and I get the feeling that at least Bing is a decent enough man who does care about the city and who appears to be putting together a pretty good team around him, I say let the man stay in and at least try to get something done.  I believe that’s why Freman Hendrix abandoned his hopes early and joined up with Bing instead. It was a smart move, and it was also a move in the better interest of helping move the city forward. The fact that Freman wasn’t likely to prevail in the fall also no doubt had a lot to do with it. The man saw the numbers, and he can count.

But another reason why I want Bing left alone to do his job is because of the upcoming City Council race. We Detroiters need to clean house on City Council, which means the City Council race is where voter interest and attention must be focused come the fall. Right now there are more than 400 candidates for 19 slots in the fall primary. That’s ridiculous. Out of that 19, nine will make the final cut to join the council. Of the nine currrently serving – since Sheila Cockrel just announced she will not be running again – I would say Ken Cockrel is the only one worth keeping of the entire bunch. The rest of them need to go. But since that most likely won’t happen, then we need at least five new faces. That means Conyers, Collins, Reeves, Watson, and probably Tinsley Talabi must  get the boot.

Because without a brand new council, a brand new mayor doesn’t mean a damned thing. The only chance we have is to throw caution to the wind and set fire to all the bullshit. Don’t stop pouring on the gasoline until it’s all been burned to the ground. This is no time for half-measures and caution.  We’re at the brink of no return, y’all. We need to act.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on May 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “It’s time to blow up Detroit’s City Council”

  1. Detroit City Council definitely needs major changes. You should consider DR. KIM LOGAN-NOWLIN for Detroit City Council. Dr. Kim Logan-Nowlin is a native Detroiter who is an experienced professional, business owner, educator, community organizer who does not lack integrity.You can check her out for yourself at or So truly consider Dr. Kim Logan-Nowlin “The Candidate with No Slogan.”

    • Concerned Citizen,

      I will definitely check her out, and thank you. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t she married to Art Nowlin? If so, I know Art from way back.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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