Bush and Cheney: the torture twins


I’m still not sure that going after Bush is the best use of President Obama’s time given the stack of crises already weighing down his plate, but after reading that most recent report in The New York Times tracing the line of approval for torture all the way up the line to top level Washington officials, it’s clearer than it’s ever been that somebody needs to go down for this and hard. Remember when Bush said “We don’t torture”? Now we see his administration was signing on to horrific torture methods without even batting an eye.

Gee. Such a shock this is.

Meanwhile, Cheney is running around Washington like the rabid dog he is from one TV show to another show lying his ass off to anyone who is willing to listen – namely Fox News – that there was nothing wrong with what the Bush administration did and that Obama is a weakling for not continuing to sign off on sickening interrogation methods that are not only illegal but fly in the face of everything this country is supposed to represent. Hell, even Sen. John McCain, who knows more about torture in wartime than anybody else on the Hill, has openly repudiated the use of torture, saying that “it’s not about them, it’s about us.”

So yeah, maybe I was somewhat off the mark in my last post on this when I said we needed to “get over it” when it came to the war crimes committed by Bush and his gang. There is only so much that can be gotten over, after all. But in my own defense – if that’s allowed – I’m still concerned that the more this issue occupies Obama’s time and energy, the less time and energy he will have to continue getting this nation’s economy back on track and pulling us back  from the brink of destruction, and that is one job that will require every ounce of energy he can spare. I understand that crimes of this magnitude can’t just be swept under the rug,  yet if we allow a desire for ‘justice’ and retribution to take the wheel this early in the Obama administration when he is barely out of his first 100 days, then we risk derailing our own future for the sake of … well…justice and retribution.

These are terribly complicated, fragile, and dangerous times. They are the sort of times that don’t make room for wrong steps. One step forward can easily be dragged backward four or five steps each time the wrong choice is made.

Be careful what you ask for…

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~ by Keith A. Owens on April 22, 2009.

One Response to “Bush and Cheney: the torture twins”

  1. To think that a past president and vice president should be treated like common criminals when really all they did was stopped shallow minded sycophants like you from getting iced is troubling. It would be to your benefit to remove your head from your anal blossom for at least long enough to realize that outside Uranus the world can be a pretty evil place.

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