Bush committed war crimes. True. Get over it. Move on.


To be honest, we just don’t have time for Bush right now.

I know a lot of my progressive friends are getting pissed at President Obama because he refuses to get himself tripped up in all the hysterical demands urging him to pursue ‘W’ for war crimes, but I really think they need to slow down, take a deep breath, and get a grip. I hate ‘W’ as much as the next sensible American with a functioning brain, but the man is gone now and there are considerably more serious problems to be dealt with than trying to hang his his stuffed head over the fireplace.

In short, Bush is low on the priority list. Way low.

Although there are some feeble signs that the economy just may be in the infancy stages of recovery, this country is still caught in the iron teeth of  an economic crisis that is chewing us all up and spitting us out like so much leftover sandwich caught in the molars. Thousands of people are losing their homes, their jobs, and their lives. Those that aren’t experiencing that kind of drama are likely stressed-out about a family member who is. It is hell out here on the streets of America.

Bagging the wild Bush will not save us, y'all

Bagging the wild Bush will not save us, y'all

Bagging ‘W’ ain’t gonna save us. It may give us a warm and fuzzy feeling inside that justice has finally been served, the king has no clothes and all that. But that’s about it. And that warm and fuzzy will last maybe a few days as we dance merrily around the campfire singing “Bush is dead! Bush is dead!” And then the fire will go out, and we will once again be in the darkness, and we will once again be faced with the reality that we don’t have much time left either.

And then we will realize, albeit too late, that if Obama had spent all that time he wasted chasing after ‘W’ repairing our economy then maybe the darkness wouldn’t be so thick in our throats, causing us to choke.

But hey. At least we’ll be able to comfort ourselves in those last final moments before the collapse that Bush got served.

Yeah. That will feel just great.


~ by Keith A. Owens on April 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bush committed war crimes. True. Get over it. Move on.”

  1. He doesn’t have to spend any time actively working on it right now. All he has to do is leave the door open for it to happen at all. Instead, he’s slamming the door shut, without doing a damn thing. That’s not why I voted for him.

    • Eric,

      I can understand the frustration, believe me. But I gotta say the reason I voted for Obama was to get rid of Bush’s highly destructive policies, which to me is more important than going after the man. If Obama left the door open on going after Bush, then that issue would be knocking at his front door each and every day. There’s no way to put something like that on a back burner.

      Anyway, thanks for your comments and for stopping by.

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