Bo Obama and the politics of woofonomics


Naturally, Obama can’t even select a dog without a disgruntled somebody trying to make an issue out of it. Or  without somebody trying to report a story as if a disgruntled somebody – or a pitchfork wielding mass of disgruntled somebodies – was making an issue out of it. Rather than the reasonably adult response to the (non)event, which would be something along the lines of “Oh. The President bought a dog for the kids. So anyway, as I was saying…”,  we have collectively allowed ourselves to be sucked in as if this is something that matters.

Don’t get me wrong; I love dogs. Absolutely love them. Got two of my own. And I ain’t mad at the President for getting his kids a dog. That’s just swell. But it’s not a lead news story.

Unless, of course, the President is handling the real business of government so damned well that nobody can figure what else to write about. After all, what kind of story is it to keep repeating that the President is getting it right? That the economy does appear to be slowly turning around in response to his economic prescriptions? Or that he has done more to repair our relationship with Europe in about a week than Bush managed to screw up over eight years? Or that…

There's nowhere you can run we won't find you, sir.

There's nowhere you can run we won't find you, sir.

Anyway, you see where this is going. Not that Obama hasn’t made his slip-ups, and I suspect much bigger ones are to come. We can count on it. But the simple fact is that Obama has performed miraculously well and the 100-day mark isn’t even here yet. But since the press (I’m not including Fox News here, only legitimate sources of news) makes it a point not to be in the fawning business, nobody seems quite sure of what is the appropriate stance to take. As a retired member of the media myself, I know for a fact that we’re so trained to be contrary – and for very good reason – that we’re like Bush in the deep end of the intellectual pool when we don’t have something to push against.

And so controversies are invented. Like whether or not Bo is really a rescue dog as Obama promised he would get. And whether or not the lovers of  rescue dogs now will want Obama burned at the stake for going back on his promise if the judgment comes down that Bo is only a kinda sorta rescue dog. Because naturally if Obama reneged on his promise to buy an honest-to-goodness rescue dog then what does that say for his character? I mean damn, a man who would lie about something like that poses serious risk to our national security. Right?


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~ by Keith A. Owens on April 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bo Obama and the politics of woofonomics”

  1. Right…

    Don’t you just want to say “its a dog damn it!” Wonder what would have happened if it had been a pit-bull. Now that would have been a real story. Liptstick and all! lol

    • Sojourner,

      Now that woulda been hilarious if they got a rescue pitbull. Heck, they could have come to Detroit in my neighborhood and just sat on the corner and waited for one to walk by. Those dogs are on the loose all over the place around here.
      But ummm…they don’t have the lipstick…

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