Obama to burn on White House lawn for bad joke


Are we really falling for this bullshit again so soon?

President Obama goes and makes an admittedly stupid statement while on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in a misfired attempt at humor. He screwed up. He let slip a tasteless humorism of the variety that pretty much everybody who is now trying to crucify him has without a doubt let slip time and time again when alone with their friends. And hell yeah I’m including the self-righteous handicapped who feel qualified to act all indignant right along with the self-righteous everybody else.Why? Because being handicapped doesn’t automatically exempt a person from making a tasteless remark. Nor does it exempt them from being self-righteous when casting stones from glass houses. Because they’re just like the rest of us which, I always thought, was pretty much the point.

So anyway this self-appointed chorus of righteous indignation doesn’t reside in the White House, and my guess is about 99.9 percent of them will never ever appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, let alone as President of the United States. And  so we don’t hear about the uglies they’ve got stacked to the ceiling in their own basement closets behind the padlocked door. Because nobody really gives a damn.


OK, now I'm gonna tell you this really bad joke about the handicapped, all right? Is that cool?

Of course, I guess we did know this day was coming. Because folks can only tolerate the visibility of a halo for so long before using it for target practice. Still, with all that this nation is suffering through right now, it boggles the mind how a bad joke uttered by the President can become a leading story in the news cycle for several days running. I’m not really that worried about the President getting distracted because he already knows what is priority one, two, and three. What does give me pause is wondering if that many Americans really are that worked up about a bad joke when their entire economy is in flames. I mean, if it’s just the media fucking up again because they don’t have enough qualified staff anymore to file a story that matters – or because they no longer have the ability to tell the difference – then OK. Fine. Just so long as it’s not everybody else out there mindlessly following along.

Because when I read the first few grafs of the story a few days ago in the Detroit Free Press online, I almost choked when I saw that nearly 400 readers had felt compelled to comment on this story. Nowhere near that number has ever commented on one Freep story about the Big Three automobile companies dancing with extinction, or on any story that I can recall about the precarious condition of the Michigan economy. Or any story about how many people are losing their homes. Oh sure, there have been a respectable number of comments, but nothing like the numbers attracted by the bad joke piece – and that was before it had even been up for an entire day. Do this many folks really believe this passionately that this is the issue of our times?

Is this really what we need to be discussing amongst ourselves right now? Maybe it’s time we listened to the alarm because it’s going off for a reason…


~ by Keith A. Owens on March 23, 2009.

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