Do we really need MORE Kwame Kilpatrick text messages?


So the big story out of Detroit right now is that we can read even more Kwame Kilpatrick  text messages. It’s also worth noting, of course, that Chrysler and General Motors are in tick-tock mode and may not have many more breaths left on this Earth, but as we speak the lead story on the Free Press website is that the reamining 700 or so pages worth of  steaming hot text messages (or steaming hot something else) have now been released from Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy’s office and the Freep is proud to report that we will now be treated to as much of that bullshit as they can squeeze on a page.

In all fairness, the Chryler/GM story is also featured prominently, but I guess the question I have is why the Kilpatrick text message story is even considered to be in the same league as the potential loss of Chrysler, General Motors, and thousands of Michigan jobs. Actually I wonder why it’s a damned story at all to be honest, but if you gotta report on this crap then I figure at least shove it back there in the broom closet with the rest of the ‘who gives a fuck’ stories of non-interest.

Look, when the texts first broke and they revealed what Kilpatrick had been up to, I had no problem with it. I didn’t really care that he was having an affair nor did I particularly need to see all the hot and nasty exchanges between him and Christine Beatty, but the fact that he lied about everything to a grand jury is what made the story. And it’s also what made the text messages a story. Not to mention the man was stupid enough to try to be a playa on a city-issued cell phone.

Yeah, we've pretty much had enough of you too, pal.

Yeah, we've pretty much had enough of you too, pal.

Anyway, I got all that. But Kilpatrick has since served his time in jail and is now living in Texas. We have a new mayor. Kilpatrick is gone. Maybe some folks out there couldn’t quite hear me so allow me to repeat myself : KILPATRICK IS GONE. This means that 700 pages of old text messages don’t merit even a paragraph in the news as far as I’m concerned unless they discover he cost the taxpayers even more money. Other than that, I don’t think I much give a damn.

And considering the fact that the Freep (and the News, for that matter), like just about every other daily newspaper in existence, isn’t exactly running a surplus on full-time reporting talent, my suggestion would be to spend that talent wisely on, well, stories that matter. And the once-upon-a- life and times of a disgraced ex-mayor don’t quite qualify.

Moving on.


~ by Keith A. Owens on March 10, 2009.

One Response to “Do we really need MORE Kwame Kilpatrick text messages?”

  1. I thoroughly cosign everything you just said! Kwame is officially Black history in Detroit. I didn’t even try to read this last batch of messages.

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