Let’s all watch Rush Limbaugh set himself on fire

God Bless Rush Limbaugh. No, seriously.


I know a lot of folks are outraged about what he said on his show Friday about how Obama’s health care legislation will take so long to pass that it will be named after a dead Ted Kennedy. And yeah, I agree that’s pretty sick stuff. But then this is Rush Limbaugh so, well, what? Nothing about outrageousness really qualifies as breaking news when it comes to Limbaugh.

But what some folks may be missing is that this couldn’t possibly be better news for Obama and for the Democrats. Because right now Obama’s poll numbers are higher than when he got elected, which all by itself is cause for high fives all around. But then when you add to that the fact that Rush Limbaugh is now the recognized face of the Republican Party…?  Yeah, well,  let’s just hope this trend holds on until after the mid-term elections because right now the Republicans are the gift that keeps on giving. We couldn’t write a better script if we hired Hollywood.

From  the Great Moose Hunter Sarah Palin to DJ Michael Steelpants, the new (and he’s black!) hip hop head of the Republican Party to Rush (I am mouth hear me roar) Limbaugh, this is a cast of characters that Saturday Night Live only wishes it could have invented first. Although I understand the compulsion to respond angrily and publicly to Limbaugh’s antics, I honestly think the best course of action might be to just put more logs on the fire and warm our hands by the flames of the burning clown.

And don’t forget to bring marshmallows.


~ by Keith A. Owens on March 9, 2009.

One Response to “Let’s all watch Rush Limbaugh set himself on fire”

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