Kid Rock Beer will save Michigan. Honest.


For a long time I’ve been worried that Detroit – and Michigan – might not make it back for reasons that ought to be pretty obvious to anyone who lives here. That doesn’t dim my love for the city, nor does it thwart my determination to hang here until the bitter end come what may, but the prospect of living in a city that could very possibly  fade from view (at least according to the numbers if you want to get statistical about it) does tend to make a person get a bit philosophical about just what may be coming next.

But then I saw where Kid Rock has big plans for launching Kid Rock Beer and that’s when I knew we were gonna be allllllll right, folks. Because how bad can life really be if we’re the home of Kid Rock Beer? Seriously. Think about it. I mean, the automotive industry might shrivel down to the size of a raisin, but so long as we’ve got beer named after a rock star then I say we’ve got sunny skies ’til the end.

Behold, O Michigan, Our Savior has come...

Behold, O Michigan, Our Savior has come...

And who knew, right? That beer would be our salvation, I mean. But then again, considering that this is most definitely a blue collar state whose economy was built by a beer drinkin’, beer lovin’ working class, just maybe it does make sense in a poetic sort of fashion after all. I mean, as much money as these dear workers have contributed to the beer industry, it probably is about time that this love was reciprocated.

Of course, even if the Big Three does manage to hang on to the life raft and not sink below the tide, the job losses will still number in the thousands when all is said and done with this thing. Probably in the tens of thousands.  As for Kid Rock Beer, the estimate thus far is that his label (if this whole thing works out) will provide about 400 jobs. At least in the beginning. Of course, if this stuff becomes a global sensation then who knows where it all might end up? We ain’t got much else goin’ on right now so we might as well dream big about beer. Or maybe we ought to just go the whole hog and get drunk.



~ by Keith A. Owens on February 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “Kid Rock Beer will save Michigan. Honest.”

  1. Fucker. Where’s the video?

  2. Love the blog and photo and cutline, man! :-))

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