For God’s sake – and Detroit’s – Monica Conyers must go


Maybe she’s mentally unstable, or maybe she’s just crazy.

Who cares?  And at this point who really gives a damn about Monica Conyers?

Look, we in Detroit all love her husband, U.S. Representative John Conyers. We know what the man has done for this city, and for this country. Why he married Monica is between him and Monica and that’s all I’ll say about that. Because their marriage and the reasons for it mostly affect only them and their family.

But Monica’s lunatic ravings on the City Council affect the entire city, and this shit has got to stop. I know how hard it is to vote somebody off  of an at-large council, especially in this city, but it can be done and for the sake of this city’s future it has to happen. If we’re lucky she will be indicted within the next few months and get swept away with the rest of  the refuse when the Synagro investigation net is reeled in. That way the issue will be taken out of our hands and Monica will be excommunicated from our lives.

Remember this charming video, Detroit?If the fact that she’s under investigation isn’t enough for you and you’re still having doubts about why Monica Conyers has got to go, watch it again.

So just in case we don’t luck out and Conyers doesn’t get yanked, Detroit, we have got to stand ready to yank this woman ourselves. We’ve been given more shots at reinvention than a lot of places, but even a cat only gets nine lives. We’re in a circumstance now where, with Barack Obama in the White House, we actually have someone at the top who has openly said he cares about what happens to us and wants to do what he can to help us out. When was the last time we ever heard that coming from Washington?

But the only way we’ll be able to take full advantage of  whatever help we’re going to get is if  we get rid of embarrassments like Monica Conyers, who seems to be working overtime to drag this city down. You can give Detroit enough cash to fill Cobo Hall and Ford Field from top to bottom with hundred dollar bills exploding at the seams, but that won’t do a damned thing for us if our own elected leaders are working against us.

We need to be primed and ready to grow ourselves out of this, and retaining Monica Conyers on City Council – let alone as City Council president – is an iron-clad guarantee that Detroit’s growth will remain stunted  at best. No, she isn’t the entire council but her antics have come to represent not only the condition of our City Council but our city as a whole. She’s a a sick joke, and by association so are we for putting her there. And for putting up with her. Just like America was becoming a sick joke throughout the rest of the world for electing Bush not once but TWICE. If we had elected McCain this time around instead of Obama, I’m guessing much of the world community would have been looking at America like too much of America looks at Detroit. It’s not fair, because we’re not all guilty of the transgressions committed by these idiots the majority put in power, but guilt by association can be a bitch.

For God’s sake – and the sake of Detroit – Monica Conyers has got to go.


~ by Keith A. Owens on February 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “For God’s sake – and Detroit’s – Monica Conyers must go”

  1. Wow, I forgot all about her. Yeah given the sitituation the city is in you cant afford to have anyone who is counter productive in a seat of power. Thats just going to drag things out.

  2. A point very well made. Monica Conyers is an embarassment.

  3. WOW!!! Talk about an Angry Black Woman! She gives the rest of us a really bad name. lol. At first I thought you were spoofing and this was a joke then I realized that it was for real. Dayum!

  4. AMEN!!! I am embarrased to have her in our city council! I will do whatever it takes to have her removed and/or reassure she is NOT re-elected. This latest move with Cobo put it over the edge. She must go!

  5. That girl is really impressive. She was polite, she spoke wekl, she was on point. She is more grownup and mature than Conyers.

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