Kwame Kilpatrick to Detroit: Yes, crime really does pay!


Crime does pay. It pays damned good.

From this point forward I don’t think I’ll waste my time trying to tell kids that if you commit crimes and other bad acts you will be sorry because bad things will happen to you. Bullshit. I realize now that it’s a complete lie to tell kids that the law applies to everyone equally. Not that most kids haven’t probably already figured this one out for themselves, but sometimes as an adult you want to at least try and impress upon the youngsters that, as someone who’s been here longer, your gray hairs merit their undivided attention when you try and school them on the way life works.  And on the way they should try and live their own lives that they can be proud of. You’d like to tell them that as someone who’s been around and has seen a lot of things, you know that even a wicked smart mayor of a major city can’t get away with lying to a judge and robbing his city blind with the cost of those lies. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

Blah blah blah blah.

Yeah, well, then I read in Wednesday’s Detroit Free Press that Detroit’s ex-mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was spirited away on a privately chartered jet within days of his release from jail, a privately chartered jet that will take him to Texas for a job interview – and to apparently get re-acquainted with his wife and children in their new home.

“The Free Press has learned that the ex-mayor’s family has settled into a red brick, 2,800-square-foot rental home in Southlake, a suburb of Ft. Worth in northeast Tarrant County, near the Dallas-Ft. Worth airport. recently dubbed it “the most affluent neighborhood in the country.”


So ex-mayor Kilpatrick spends a few months in jail, says he has grown and that he repents for being a bad boy, then gets picked up in a limo and driven to his privately chartered jet? Did he even have a privately chartered jet when he was actually mayor of this city? Are there any other mayors, let alone ex-mayors, who have chartered jets at their disposal? Especially ex-mayors who just finished serving jail time? And exactly what kind of job interview is this that requires he be flown down in a private jet?

And since this man supposedly owes the city $1 million in restitution for the more than $8 million he cost this city, and since he is currently unemployed, and since I believe the only job he has ever had that wasn’t an elected position in the State of Michigan was as a schoolteacher, then where the hell did his family come up with that kind of cash for that crib? Because his father – currently under criminal investigation I might add- has also spent the majority of his working life in the public sector in Wayne County. And his mother, Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, has also spent most of her adult life working as a public servant I do believe.

Which is to say that ex-Mayor Kilpatrick’s family most likely doesn’t even collectively have the kind of cash stashed away that would support buying himself a spread in the nation’s wealthiest suburb. Hell, his wife sure isn’t loaded. And her father is a retired police officer.

So where the hell is this cash coming from? And how is it that  Kilpatrick is so sure about getting this new job that he already knows he’ll be able to afford the rent? How did his wife know the deal was in the bag so deep that she was willing to put her own kids on the line and enroll them in the schools down there?

Oh hell yeah. Crime most certainly does pay.


~ by Keith A. Owens on February 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “Kwame Kilpatrick to Detroit: Yes, crime really does pay!”

  1. Lol, cant argue with that.

  2. So true. Now Kwame gets to live better than most honest Detroiters ever will. SMH.

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