Happy OSF! Remakes vs. Originals

I gotta admit this one is kinda challenging, but I do believe the kidd is up to it. Had to sit down and assume the Thinker pose for a brief momentum, but I do believe I gots it!

All Along the Watchtower: Jimi Hendrix remake

…and the original  recording by Bob Dylan, one of Jimi’s longtime musical heroes…

Johnny B. Goode as performed  by, you guessed it, Jimi Hendrix:

…and then by Chuck Berry, one of the all-time greats of rock and roll, one of rock and roll’s originators, and the author of Johnny B. Goode…

And finally (y’all gonna love this), Pat Boone singing  his notoriously sanitized cover version of ‘Tutti Fruti’…

And then the original as sung by the King of Rock n’ Roll himself, Little Richard…

Any questions?

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~ by Keith A. Owens on January 30, 2009.

11 Responses to “Happy OSF! Remakes vs. Originals”

  1. Jimi definitely adds a unique flavor to the music that he touched. The case can be made that almost any rock and roll song is a remake of a Little Richard original. 🙂 Happy OSF!

    • Hey Rev.

      Yeah, you’re definitely right about the extent of Little Richard’s influence. I would add Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley to that list. And let’s not even reach back into the blues…

  2. Great research Bro.remind me of Beyonce redo of Etta James “At Last”,Peggy Lee’s ” Fever”redo of Detroit own Little willie John’s version,Elvis “hound dog”redo of big Mama Thornton’s hit

    • Hey Tootsie.

      Thanks, man. And I can see you know your music history too, eh? I knew about Etta James (good friend of mine is her longtime guitar player Bobby Murray), and I knew about Big Mama Thornton getting ripped off by Elvis, but you stumped me on Little Willie John!

  3. You did good! Damn good! Great picks! And great history!

  4. I’m always in for some good music and a good lesson when I visit here…good stuff!

  5. Great choices! This theme was challenging because there are SO MANY great and not so great remakes.

  6. AHHA This is good for me. Thank ^_^

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