An Inauguration made in Detroit


I know this is probably considered late to still be talking about the Inauguration, but as a Detroiter it really is a requirement that I take these few moments to throw my hands in the air and do a little Holy Ghost dance right here in my office. No, not just because Barack Obama is now the HNIC of the most powerful nation on earth (although that certainly qualifies), but because Detroit was all up in the place for the entire nation to see.

Aretha? Made in Detroit.

President Barack Obama’s badazz Cadillac (and you know it’s got a diamond in the back and a sunroof top so’s the president can commence to diggin’ the scene with a gangster lean)? Made in Detroit.

You heard what I said, right? Made. In. Detroit.


The sweetest sound heard 'round the world...

Because as bad as things are right through here, even though we are most certainly tap-dancing on the cliff’s edge and pretending not to see the drop, we can still turn the heat on whenever you need something cooked just right. And for alla y’all who checked it out, you can’t tell me Aretha didn’t bring the heat with her Queen of Soul Motor City rendition of America the Beautiful.  Various assorted midgets and pundits chose to poke fun at the outfit, particularly the hat, but that’s OK. Because first of all, we in Detroit know what Aretha could have showed up wearing, so  anybody who thinks a big bow on a Sunday church hat is cause for snickers…?

Yeah, well.

Secondly? My guess is those who were doing the laughing the loudest were laughing because they knew damned well they couldn’t wear a hat like that and make it work. Because to wear that kinda hat the right kinda way you gotta have some Detroit in you. Because believe you me, we in Detroit know a thing or two about how to wear a hat.

2006 Cadillac DTS Presidential Limousine

Dig the ride...

And now moving onto that presidential Cadillac limousine, which has got to be the baddest land transport vehicle ever designed short of the Batmobile. I mean, did you see that thing? Yeah. I know you did. They had that bad boy built in Detroit because they wanted it to be built right. After all, it is supposed to be protecting the President of the United States, right? Why entrust something that sacred with amateurs?

All we ask is that Obama remember whose hands put that mobile together for him. And we know he will, which is probably why he not that long ago told our own Gov. Jennifer Granholm to tell Michigan that “Help is on the way.” Yep. That’s what he told her. Which kinda explains why you know that Cadillac is the sheeitt. Because if they’d had to build a Cadillac for McCain…? Just sayin…he might have been safer ridin’ a bike. We know who’s got our best interest at heart.

It’s painful at times. It’s painful a lot of times. But there are times like these when I’m reminded why I’m so proud to be a Detroiter.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on January 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “An Inauguration made in Detroit”

  1. Man I dont want to hear that, that hat is ugly.

  2. Detroit is noted for music,cars, gators, and women hats.Just go to church ,and check the sisters out.

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