Happy OSF! Got some good ones…

TV theme songs, eh? Well I must confess I’m a recovering TV addict from way back so I’ve got quite a few favorite old shows. But only a few of them, I felt, had truly great theme songs. One of the best was the theme song for “Chico and the Man,” written by one of my favorite guitarists/vocalists Jose Feliciano. This song is just beautifully written…

and then there’s The Simpson’s. Aside from the fact that this is one of my absolute favorite shows (the satire is still brilliant and sharp after all these years, which is highly unusual for a long-running show of any sort), the theme song is also very well-written and really gives the feeling of comic chaos and disturbia that surrounds the show and its characters.

And then finally there is “The Odd Couple”. Loved the show, and loved the song just as much. This is great music, y’all.

WAIT! Hold up. How could I possibly have…

PEANUTS! The best of them all…

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~ by Keith A. Owens on January 16, 2009.

15 Responses to “Happy OSF! Got some good ones…”

  1. Outstanding picks bro.! I really love the Chico and the Man theme with Jose Felician. And I had forgotten about the Odd Couple, but it is a classic! The Peanuts theme, what else can you say? Very thoughtful picks.

  2. Damn you went back with Chico, lol.

  3. Chico & the Man, a beautiful song TV theme or not, and Peanuts also. I own more than one version of that. The Odd Couple was the funniest show for a long time, and today its theme makes me smile. 🙂 Great choices all.

  4. All great picks! I loved the Odd Couple & anything Peanuts!

    • Regina,

      Peanuts is my heart. Has been for a long time. I used to sit in the kitchen with my mother when I was a kid and read her Peanuts stories for hours. We had a ball with that.

  5. Wonderful choices, Keith! That Chico & The Man song IS beautiful!

    And the Simpsons? Classic…as is the Peanuts…

  6. I completely forgot that Della was in Chico! These are some great picks from way way way back! LOL

  7. Oooh, I was mad when they cut off Chico and the Man. LOL And you KNOW the Peanuts had the best music. 😀

  8. Jose Feliciano sang the national anthem for 1968 world series at tiger stadium ,hey I’m old school ,his rendition created a stir.Ernie Harwell got the gig for Jose

  9. Hey Tootsie!

    Yeah, I definitwely remember that 1968 rendition, and I remember the furor it caused as well. And I think I do remember something about Ernie Harwell being the one who got Jose the gig, which is really interesting on a lotta levels. As much furor as it caused, I gotta say I loved it. Guess I like the unconventional…

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