Danger! White people becoming extinct


I remember back when Tiger Woods was first blowing up huge on the golf scene and it was pretty funny. Not that he was such a phenomenon, because that was a thrill to watch even for folks like me who couldn’t give less of a damn about golf. No, what was comical were all the stories that started to come out about Tiger’s so-called mixed heritage.

Because , after all, you can just look at the brother -whoops, sorry – and tell he ain’t all the way black. Right? Just check out the eyes. But then you look at the bronze hue of his skin and you gotta think, “Well, damn. Sure ain’t white either. What the hell is this dude, anyway?” Then you see his father, who is definitely black, except you see those real high, prominent Indian cheekbones. But still, we can pretty much all agree the man is black. At least in the way that most of us understand the term in America.

So fine.

But then there was Tiger’s mother, who I believe is from Thailand. Not a damned thing black about this woman. No doubt about it. And then, as if that wasn’t enough confusion, I remember a reading a story about how the actual percentage of white (as in Caucasian) in Tiger’s blood actually outweighed the percentage of black (as in African American). I can’t remember where I saw that story, and it’s been awhile, but I remember being amused that Tiger’s bloodline now required this much verification and research. Possibly for the sake of national security. And naturally the civil rights leaders wanted to claim right off that he’s …he’s…he’s just GOT to be black  because of that mighty drop of black blood circulating throughout Tiger’s bloodstream. Or however many drops he’s got in there. Because in America, as we all know, it only takes one drop of black blood to be black, but you have to be pure as the driven snow to be white. That’s why a white woman can give birth to a black child (like Obama’s mother), but a black woman can’t give birth to a white child, even if that child’s skin makes milk look like charcoal by comparison.

Hey, these are just the rules, folks. I didn’t write ’em.

So what are you anyway?

So what are you anyway?

So then what the hell is Tiger? Well, pretty soon out came another story where Tiger decided to label himself as something I can’t even pronounce. Something like a Caublasian. Something. Anyway, when I saw it I cracked up because I figured right then Tiger’s got a pretty healthy sense of humor. This realization was made even funnier because hardly anybody else was picking up on the basis of the joke, which was that the strictly defined racial barriers and definitions that so many of us grew up under were starting to change dramatically and become largely irrelevant to the new generation coming in behind us.

A lot of us just didn’t want to turn those constraints loose, because what would we be without them? I admit I’m still not quite sure how I would function in an America where I could no longer check “black” on the census. Or where statistics were no longer kept on how we were faring as a race compared to everyone else.  Sometimes I wonder if that’s in our best interest as black people to be blended in. And I like being a hyphenated American, man. I just do.

Is he black enough yet?

Is he black enough yet?

But now comes our new President Barack Obama, and the issue of what’s black and not black enough is back in the forefront of discussion again. But strangely enough, what’s also apparently a hot topic is the sense among some whites that it’s really them who are the most at risk of being erased beneath the oncoming Colored Tide. If younwanna read a really good article about this whole issue, check out this piece in the most recent Atlantic Monthly, entitled “The End of White America?”

The piece raises some really interesting points about the changing face of America, except that I think the one mistake they may have made when giving the article its title was putting forth the attention-grabbing headline that white people are fading from view. In fact, the real story is what is happening to all of us, each and every one of us, as a result of this changing paradigm. Barack Obama – and Tiger Woods – don’t just represent the fading of harsh racially defined categories, they represent the New Power Generation (thanks Prince) that this major shift is creating. Sure, white folks will soon no longer be the Global Gold Standard by which the rest of the world is supposedly measured in terms of how everything ought to be run, and that’s pretty damned interesting. So there goes Rome (again).

But even more interesting is what will be built on top of Rome’s ashes -especially when you see who’s bringing the bricks.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on January 12, 2009.

9 Responses to “Danger! White people becoming extinct”

  1. Yeah I find it funny how the one drop rule goes into reverse when white people love you.

    What the future holds doesnt matter, tribalism is in man’s nature.

    The whole planet could be beige from the mixing, (and I so hope I am dead by than), and there would still be bias.

    Tall agiant short, fat against skinny, round eyes vs slant eyes and on and on.

    One problem will be replaced by another.

  2. Mike,

    You could be right about that tribalism thing. History definitely backs you up, no doubt. The answer to Rodney King’s question appears to be a resounding “HELL no.”

  3. Definitely the white race will be taken over within 20 years as they are just not having enough babies. Although I don’t think that it will be a very good,prosperous world as we have seen in history. Think about it that all these other Nationalities aren’t going to get along with one another either and this will still create World war and many other problems.

  4. Keep laughing about white people losing control of the world. I will be long dead, I hope I hope I hope, When the darker races take over this world. You may ask why? Well have you ever walked through an African, or south/central American country? This country was a beautiful idea when WHITE Europeans came here and brought their best,now we get every piece of trash from every toilet country. I walk down the street and feel like I’m in Jamaica or Bangkok, it’s sad. As long as non-whites keep pushing out babies” like stray dogs with no responsibility ;so the story goes. It’s like a bunch of children who can’t wait for their parents to leave, and when the house is burning down and the water gets shut off for non-payment they’ll will be BEGGING for the days of the WHITE MAN.

  5. Who will feed and take care of the black “people” after we’re gone? They’ll strave like zoo animals.

    better kiss some asian butt and fast.

    But I bet they’re too smart to get involved with niggers.

  6. yep, the planet is getting worse and worse and white people disappear.

  7. mmmmm it was time they vanish now would all other ‘ethinicities’ go to rehab after all the trauma

  8. Who took care of us when the only people on this earth was black, I am talking hundreds of thousands of years, nothing but blacks. Building and building, civilization after civilization, pyramids after pyramids, and then the Europeans, and Arabs came, and destroyed Africa. It will take us longer to put Africa back together, then how long ago the invaders started destroying Africa, over 5000 years ago, they came.

  9. King Tut was white. What happened to Egypt is the same thing that is happening to America. Oh and I have 2 kids and plan on having more. Before we die out or it becomes illegal to have children.


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