Kid kills cop. Happy New Year…?


I suppose by now I ought to be somewhat used to it.  This being Detroit and all.

Except that I know Detroit is so much more than this, despite the sickening stench provided by one murder story stacked on top of another. Even in Detroit, where we have grown accustomed to building our lives overlooking steep drops that lead to places we’d rather not think about, there is more to life than death.

So like most of us in this new year of 2009, I was determined to once again proclaim this a Brand New Day pregnant with all the optimism that Brand New Days are supposed to have. And for at least New Year’s Day it was looking good. Then I read the paper the day after, and that’s where I saw the story of Jonathan Belton. This is the 16-year-old kid who decided to put a bullet in the head of an Oak Park police officer. According to the story there really wasn’t much reason for the act except that the police officer – Officer Mason Samborski – pulled Belton over on some apparent traffic violation. And that’s when he discovered Belton didn’t have a driver’s license. And that’s when Officer Samborski reportedly decided to take the kid to a nearby apartment complex where there was an adult guardian. Like I said, the details at this point seem a bit sketchy.

But what isn’t sketchy at all is that this 16-year-old kid  at some point decided to shoot 28-year-old Officer Samborski in the head. So far there doesn’t appear to be any evidence that Samborski was roughing Belton up or anything like that. Not that roughing somebody up gives them the the right to shoot the person doing the roughing up in the head, but I’m just saying maybe there was at least some semblance of a reason for this madness. I’m hoping that if I wait long enough then maybe some other details will begin to spill out and it will become clear why a 16-year-old kid in a Detroit suburb was carrying a loaded gun and figured it was in his best interest to shoot a police officer. A police officer with a young wife and a 1-year-old baby at home. I have to believe there was some sort of reason for this. Some rationale.

Because otherwise…?

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~ by Keith A. Owens on January 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “Kid kills cop. Happy New Year…?”

  1. I am curious to know what he was thinking to, and how the officer put himself in a situation to get shot.

  2. Mike,

    That is a question worth considering to be sure. But I gotta say I can’t imagine a situation that would have justified what happened. But you never know. Maybe something got covered up. I almost hope so. I’d love for there to be a sane explanation…

  3. Another traggic story. This is so sad. Like you said, there is no justification for murder. However, I am a bit curious as to how the young man was caught. Did he turn himself in. Did backup arrive before the young man could flea? Just curious.

    Happy New Year!!!!!

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