Detroit’s Big Three saved in the 4th quarter..?


It’s beginning to look like daylight in Detroit. Or at least a shade brighter than midnight.

After several weeks of rollercoaster panic rides and preparing for the Last Days, it seems Lazarus just might rise and walk after all.

Polls make it obvious that the vast majority of Americans are now angrily asking why in the hell was the American auto industry – or Detroit – worth saving? As former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said, “They can all go to hell, because that’s where they belong. Fuck ’em.”

Well, OK, maybe that’s not exactly what Mitt said, but it”s close enough. Actually what he said was that the Big Three should have been allowed to go bankrupt and that they didn’t deserve a federal bailout.

Same thing.

But in all fairness, those who were opposed to a bailout weren’t completely wet in their reasoning. Anyone who saw the so-called leaders of the Big Three make their first-round pitch for survival to Congress several weeks ago couldn’t help but cringe in embarrassment. Granted they were being dragged over the coals much more roughly than any of those court jesters on Wall Street, and no, it wasn’t fair. But they should have been prepared for that, right? I mean after watching $700 billion get tossed out the White House window to the crowd of vultures  and hyenas assembled on the lawn below like so much spoiled meat, it’s not surprising that they were in a bit of a bad mood and were much more likely to be somewhat more tight-fisted with the few pennies they had left. It takes time to recover from a colossal screw-up the likes of which hasn’t beenseen since…since…since…

Anyway, the Big Three had to come back, this time as the Beggin’ Three, Step ‘n Fetchit style. It may not have been pretty, but when the nation’s economy – not just Detroit’s – is at risk, then doing things pretty isn’t an option. More than 500,000 jobs lost in November alone, and “President” Bush MIA? Let’s just say everybody answered the wake-up call this time. And for some the alarm quite obviously has to be set at a much higher volume than for most ordinary folk.

So now what? So now we learn to tread water with lead weights strapped to our ankles. And if we’re lucky maybe somebody will drain the ocean before we touch bottom.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on December 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Detroit’s Big Three saved in the 4th quarter..?”

  1. i agree that the news about the lost jobs in Nov 2008 is the reason that Congress appears to be moving towards some type of bridge loan for the Big 3.

    i think that if i were an auto executive I would be figuring out how to re-tool immediately to create 50-mpg cars or electrical cars or those itty-bitty cars that the French drive.

    Automakers need to think radical change.

    I’m reminded that they re-tooled quickly to build tanks and such after Pearl Harbor. Why can’t we do the same now without the surprise bombing attack by a foreign country?

    Just a thought…

    peace, Villager

  2. Hey Villager.

    I think you’re right on target. This may not be Pearl Harbor, but economically it’s gotta be close to the same. If we did it once we need to do it again, because you’re right; this will require radical change.

    As always, thanks for stopping by.

  3. You already know what I think, let them sink.

    The big three’s action has shown how incompetent they are, time will tell if they learned their lesson.

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