Happy OSF! Miles Davis, the Forever Man of Jazz

From the Miles of old…

…to the Bitches Brew…

…to Electric Miles…

…to the Man with the Horn…

…Miles will always be the Forever Man of jazz to me.

The sheer breadth of this man’s actual musical accomplishments dwarfs what most musicians have ever dared to even dream about, let alone attempt. From one giant to another, check out what Sonny Rollins had to say…

Just play your horn, Miles. Just play, man.


This is my jazz tribute to all my friends at Old School Friday. Happy Thanksgiving in advance for all of you who celebrate the holiday. Next week I will be off to Atlanta for the family Thanksgiving. See you in a week!

SHAMELESS PLUG: Read my wife’s blogs @ The “D” Spot Redeux and BlackLiberalBoomer


~ by Keith A. Owens on November 21, 2008.

7 Responses to “Happy OSF! Miles Davis, the Forever Man of Jazz”

  1. Miles is THE Man. He is how I end my work week.

  2. I am typing this comment with my back to the computer. Somehow I knew that you would choose Miles, Mr. Jazz himself. I can’t keep up with you so I won’t even try. Superb pick!

  3. You can never go wrong with Miles. Bitches brew is my favorite album by him.

  4. Hagar,
    I can’t imagine a better way to wind down the week! Definitely the way to take flight into the weekend.

    Revvy Rev,
    You crack me up! That image of you typing with your back to the screen a la Miles in later phase career is on point. Thanks a lot for dropping by, and glad you’re likin what you hear.

    I love Bitches brew too, man. And I think it may also be my favorite Miles album, primarily because I’m such a lover of jazz fusion, and Bitches Brew really helped to set up that progression.

  5. These are fantastic!!

  6. Ah, Miles…Kind of Blue is my fave, with Bitches Brew a VERY close second…I truly admire a musical genius, and a musical genius was Miles Davis.

  7. Wow! What a concert over here!! Great pick and Miles Davis is definitely the man!

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