Happy OSF! Candidate fight song for Obama

So the theme this week is a fight song for your candidate? Only one song comes to mind…

Now tell me, y’all; is this not the ultimate fight song? I mean really. C’mon. For real, though.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on October 31, 2008.

8 Responses to “Happy OSF! Candidate fight song for Obama”

  1. Great minds think a like. I posted Queen too. They definitely had some fight in them. 🙂

  2. Hey Shae!

    Yep, great minds for sure. Queen was the bomb rock band. No question. They had the grit, the pose, plus they were esuperb musicians. And this song was the rock fight song to end all rock fight songs!

  3. Haha! I just left Shae’s blog and found my way over here. Great minds indeed. LOL! You’re going to have me doing a victory sprint down the hallway. LOL!

    Happy OSF!

  4. Vivrant,

    Hey, what can I say..?

  5. It’s hard to deny the supremeness of “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions”. Even though I knew it wasn’t, the musical intro to “We Will Rock You” reminded me of “Fly Girl” by The Boogie Boys.

  6. Hey Malcolm!

    You got to turn me on to The Boogie Boys because I’m not familiar. But I’m always open to adding a few more steps to my learning curve when it comes to music.

    And yeah, I think ‘supremeness’ is definitely the right word when it comes to these two Queen selections for sure.

    Thanks for dropping by, and happy OSF!

  7. Excellent choice! and obviously a popular choice!
    Happy OSF!

  8. There is NONE better than Queen when it comes to “Rock Fight Songs!”

    These songs always makes me want to…I don’t know…pick up a flag and wave it and cheer for somebody!

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