Wordless Wednesday: Damn, damn, damn…




~ by Keith A. Owens on October 29, 2008.

10 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Damn, damn, damn…”

  1. you aint right

  2. DNLee,

    What can I say? This whole drama has been pretty upsetting to me. And even though I fully believe Kilpatrick deserves everything that’s happening to him – and I say this as a once very strong supporter of both terms – it still hurts to see that image. I think more for what it does to the city than to him.

  3. Well, at least he has a private bathroom and shower. And looks like as long as he brings his own TV he gets free cable…Still costing the city of Detroit money…

  4. The tree: that’s not due to leaf drop, those are dead branches.

  5. Wow. Well, that’s a small, quiet space for reflection. Wonder if he’ll do a Marion Barry and come back like gangbusters (so to speak). Stay tuned…

  6. Damn thats messed up, lol.

  7. Happy WW! I guess that the local media must have shown him making the ‘perp walk’ to the jailhouse as well, huh? Sad day for him and his children…

    Thank you for visiting my blog earlier today. I invite your blog readers to see how the economic crisis in America will impact trick-or-treaters during Halloween on tomorrow night!

    peace, Villager

  8. Sojourner,

    Yeah, it’s pretty depressing any way you wanna look at it. We’re going to be paying for thisman’s mistakes in more ways than one for quite some time.

    Black on Campus,

    Bite your tongue!


    Isn’t it? Like I said; damn, damn, damn…


    Man, I don’t even know whether they showed the perp walk on TV or not. Didn’t even feel like watching. Just want this behind us as far and as quick as possible.

  9. You know I am loving the fact that his big ass is behind bars right now!!! One thing that is tripping me out over the last few days is all of the effort the Free Press is putting behind the story since he has been locked up. This diagram & the daily meal updates are overkill IMO.

    I wonder what things will be like 118 days from now when he hits the streets.

  10. Hey Tafari!

    Glad to see you up in the place, and I do kow you’re lovin’ this, my brother. But just like you, as much as I believe he deserves everything he’s getting, it’s obvious the Free Press is just getting ridiculously carried away. Who gives a damn what the man is having for breakfast every day? And do we really need to know the exact dimiensions of his cell, etc?

    The whole idea was to get his ass out. Now that he’s gone, can we please move on?

    I hear ya.

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