McCain campaign is gift that keeps on giving – for Obama

CNN Reporter Rick Sanchez rips apart hoax story. The full story can be found here.

I’m starting to wonder if maybe McCain isn’t on Obama’s payroll. Either that or he’s one of those guys who self destructs whenever the possibility of success rears its head. There’s got to be some explanation for why this guy’s campaign puts a gun to his head and gleefully pulls the trigger every other day or so. It used to be hilarious entertainment, but now it’s damned near boring. I wouldn’t mind seeing Obama win in a landslide, but it would be a lot more satisfying to see him win against someone who didn’t keep dropping to the canvas during these last rounds before Obama even gets a chance to throw a punch.

Back in 2000? Year of the original “Straight Talk Express”? That was the year that McCain was even attracting Democratic admirers- not to mention Independents – because he seemed to be a politician who actually practiced what he preached. Maybe you agreed with him and maybe you didn’t, but at least you knew where he stood, you knew why, and you knew he wouldn’t suddenly hop/skip to another point of view at the mention of a poll. McCain’s straight talk provided plenty of gripping stories of the lone maverick Don Quixote-type politician boldly charging against the machine. But in the end? He lost.

Kinda like Don Quixote.

So this year ( or actually it was last year when he first started campaigning) he decides to roll out the “McCain 2008” model with all the bells and whistles. But even with the shiny new bus and the traveling cheerleaders (OK, there weren’t any cheerleaders) he practically faded from view early on and most political observers wrote him off as dead. So then McCain strips his operation down to the muscle and goes back to basics a la Rocky Balboa, which results in a somewhat miraculous comeback from the dead to beat the weakest field of Republican presidential candidates this country has seen since…damn. I dunno. You tell me.

So then McCain had several months of free ride while Hillary and Barack slugged it out. Granted, part of the price of that “free” ride was that McCain couldn’t even buy any media attention because all the press focus was on the Hillary/Obama bloodfest, but at least he wasn’t getting torn apart in the headlines. Some said that even if Obama managed to clinch the nomination, he might not have enough time to rally his troops to create an effective defense against McCain because the primary dragged on so damned long, eating into time and resources that should have been targeted against the Republican opponent, not another Democrat.  McCain had all that time to watch and analyze his opponent from the best seats in the house, and to formulate a strategy on how to defeat him the minute he stepped into the ring.

So what does McCain do?

He nominates Sarah Palin, a choice which virtually everyone in their right mind now acknowledges was a major disaster. He tries to link Obama to “washed up terrorist” William Ayers, beating a dead, stinking horse  week after week after week. He “suspends” his campaign to rush to Washington and solve the Wall Street financial crisis, only he gets there too late and then doesn’t do anything upon arrival except sit there so he can say he was on the scene.

Meanwhile, McCain’s beloved Sarah blows several nationally televised interviews, and is then shielded from the evil media because, according to her campaign handlers – the ones she is supposedly revolting against as we speak – they fear she will not be given the respect she deserves.  She has instructed a class of third graders that the vice president is in charge of the Senate, which is completely false. An investigation conducted by Palin’s own state has shown she improperly used her influence as governor to punish a state trooper because he wouldn’t fire her ex-brother-in-law who she and her family didn’t like. The McCain campaign has spent $150,000 on providing her a new wardrobe. Thanks to Tina Fey, who is better at Sarah Palin than Sarah Palin, Palin has become a national punch line.

And now, most recently, the briefly-hyped story of a woman who claimed to have been assaulted by a Barack supporter turns out to be a hoax. Before even waiting to hear the facts of the case (that sounded pretty damned suspect from the very beginning) both McCain and Palin had rushed to comfort the poor dear, once again lamely hoping to fan the dying flames of their campaign with a waterhose. But even if it had proven to be true, how in the hell did they plan to tie that to Obama?

I know I’m forgetting a few other epic McCain campaign epic screwups, but it really is hard to keep track, which is actually the point. Any one of these stories is bad enough by itself. But when you add them all up, and then consider how all this has happened in such a brief amount of time? It’s hard to believe that fucking up this bad and this often can happen accidentally.

Producing this kind of circus requires quite a bit of work.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on October 27, 2008.

4 Responses to “McCain campaign is gift that keeps on giving – for Obama”

  1. I want to say Obama won this but hell after the way McCain ran it’s hard to say he didnt help Obama out.

  2. Mike,

    My point exactly, brother. My point exactly.

  3. I am loving Rick Sanchez! He gives them fools hell. Today he went off on a McCain staffer;, did you see?

  4. Hey Tafari!

    Yeah, Sanchez is beatin them up like a rented stepchild. You say he went off on a McCain staffer today? Really? OK, I gots to track that one down and check it out. Definitely will start my day off right.

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