If McCain/Palin can’t win your vote, they will steal it

It’s not that I’ve forgotten The “D” Spot was originally designed as a blog site focusing primarily on issues related to Detroit, in case some of you may have been wondering. Nope, haven’t forgotten that at all. But I don’t think I’m the only one out here who believes that until Nov. 4? Nothing else is more important to discuss than this election.


Because if Obama doesn’t win this thing, then the election of  McCain/Palin will negatively affect this city in so many ways that I don’t even know where to begin – although detailing those specifics might be a good idea for a later post now that I think about it. In other words, I’ve never been one to believe that the best way to comment on any particular geographic location on a map is to pretend as if that particular location exists within its own time and space, totally unrelated to the surrounding world.

All of us suffering from long-time addictions to what goes on in that world have come to learn that it really is all connected out here. And now more than ever. If you don’t believe me, take a look at how the world markets are reacting to the so-called Wall Street meltdown. Enough said.

So in that spirit, and I apologize for the overly long intro, I happened to read an article in the New York Times recently that emphasized to me just how ugly this campaign is going to get over the next three weeks. You remember the dirty tricks played by the Republicans during the 2000 election right? When Bush stole the election and all those voters in Florida – and elsewhere – were so blatantly disenfranchised? Yeah, well if we don’t stay on top of it then we could find ourselves repeating that rather repulsive episode in our recent history on a far more massive scale at a time when we can afford such a travesty even less. Because the stakes are so much higher now than they were eight years ago.

Essentially what the Times story points out is that there are at least six swing states where voter rolls have been purged in ways that appear to be illegal, and one of those states is our very own Michigan. So far no one is connecting the dots to any kind of right-wing conspiracy, but you’d have to be either naive or a fool not to recognize that a certain segment of Republicans will exploit every option they possibly can to win this thing, and they don’t mind bloody. The blatant smear, fear, and lie tactics McCain/Palin have been employing recently makes it obvious that they are willing to stoop to any level to crawl into the White House. They have stretched Machiavelli (ends justify the means) to lengths that I’m willing to bet even he wouldn’t recognize.

Check out this excerpt:

“Just as voting machines were the major issue that came out of the 2000 presidential election and provisional ballots were the big issue from 2004, voter registration and these statewide lists will be the top concern this year,” said Daniel P. Tokaji, a law professor at Ohio State University.

Voting rights groups have urged voters to check their registrations with local officials.

In Michigan, some 33,000 voters were removed from the rolls in August, a figure that is far higher than the number of deaths in the state during the same period — about 7,100 — or the number of people who moved out of the state — about 4,400, according to data from the Postal Service.

In Colorado, some 37,000 people were removed from the rolls in the three weeks after July 21. During that time, about 5,100 people moved out of the state and about 2,400 died, according to postal data and death records.

In Louisiana, at least 18,000 people were dropped from the rolls in the five weeks after July 23. Over the same period, at least 1,600 people moved out of state and at least 3,300 died.”

So the message here, I’d say, is pretty clear; Obama needs to win this election by a dirty tricks-proof margin. No way can this come down to a relative handful of votes in one key state as what happened to Gore in 2000 in Florida. The only sure victory for Obama is a major victory, because if it’s close then the combination of Election Day shenanigans and the re-energizing of the fringe white race crazies who are now drawn to McCain/Palin rallies like moths to a warm swastika could prove to be just enough of a slim margin to burn hope at the stake.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on October 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “If McCain/Palin can’t win your vote, they will steal it”

  1. Whew this so not the time to play around with people’s votes. Every one is keeping both eyes open on this one.

  2. Not going to happen. Barack Obama’s own people in ACORN are screwing that up for him.

    See, the problem that is being mentioned here is voter fraud based on Republican tactics. The only flaw is that it’s not mentioning the tactics being used in Oregon, Ohio, Minnesota, Colorado, Florida, and other places. All of these places have members of ACORN doing the canvassing.

    I’m sorry, but Barack Obama needs to lose this election. Because he is the one who is more prominently perpetrating the fraud on America with his direct association with ACORN.

  3. Grandpa Marvin,

    With respect, I have to strongly disagree with both your mischaracterization of ACORN, which is a very effective grasssroots organization and very legitimate, and also with your conclusions about Obama. First of all, it seems very unlikely at this point that Obama will win, and thank God for that. SEcondly, he is hardly perpetrating fraud on anyone. If you read what really happened with the ACORN issue, you’ll see why it barely caused a ripple in the news media. It was basically a manufactured non-story fanned by the Republicans in yet another attempt to bring down Obama by any means necessary.

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