McCain vs Obama debate prediction: McCain going for the nuts

So after a lengthy, thoughtful analysis of the current status of the presidential campaign, this is my prediction for tonight’s second debate between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain:

John McCain will channel his inner  Jesse Jackson and attempt to yank Obama’s nuts off.

My advice to Obama? Wear a steel jockstrap and bring a bigger set of pruning sheers. Other than that, just be yourself, Senator. Because at this point, the election is truly yours to lose.

The last fleeting, desperate hope of the McCain campaign was that Sarah Palin would morph into Queen Kong and demolish Biden in their first and last debate last Thursday. Didn’t happen. McCain is still falling like a rock in the polls, Obama is ahead in all the battleground states and appears to have a good chance at  bringing some previously untouchable states into the Democratic fold such as Virginia and Florida. Even Republican stalwarts such as Karl “the architect” Rove are coming out in public and announcing that McCain is basically screwed because he screwed himself. Of course the Republicans never much liked McCain to begin with, but this is still pretty extraordinary coming from the party that prides itself on discipline, plugging all the leaks, and falling in line behind their guy no matter what.

Except that McCain isn’t their guy any more. Oh yeah, there are still the hired spin freaks dancing in the middle of the freeway like those comics who bravely tried to reconstruct Palin’s debate performance into some kind of remarkable triumph. The always entertaining but frequently delusional Pat Buchanan comes to mind. But when you have Republican weathervanes like George Will out there saying that this woman needs to come off the ticket and that she’s an embarrassment? And when you have Karl Rove –Karl Rove??? – saying that McCain has screwed  up his campaign, and then goes on to actually do the delegate math to demonstrate just how screwed McCain really is? You don’t have to be Chicken Little to see what’s going on in the sky.

You talkin' to me, punk?

You talkin to me, punk?

All of which is to say that going turbo-negative is McCain’s only chance right now. That’s why Palin’s latest contribution to Sen. Titanic’s campaign is to accuse Obama of “palling around with terrorists”. You know good and well Palin isn’t bright enough to come up with that mediocre attack line on her own. The woman is a parrot, and that was her scripted line for the day. Stay tuned for more Pollywanna zingers in the days to come.

As for McCain? He’s designing his own “Nutcracker Suite.”

But nutcrackers don’t work on brass balls, buddy.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on October 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “McCain vs Obama debate prediction: McCain going for the nuts”

  1. Oh yeah, he is going to have to blow that stage up tonight to get it close. Sarah Palin has done more damage to McCain than anything Obama could have done. Hell there thinking about taking back women’s right after this, because of her. When McCain first picked her I thought it was a brilliant move, go after women and specifically Clinton supporters, soften up his image, show that he is progressive, the whole nine yards.

    I believed that right up till the moment she opened her mouth, now I thinking that must be one of the most bone headed moves since Little Big Horn.

  2. I wonder if McCain has a crisis of conscience and decides to take the high road to save his legacy for the future?

    Naaaaaaaawwww…. He’s going to go ballistic.

    However, like his military career … he is gonna crash and burn. Should make for interesting theatre tonight…

    peace, Villager

  3. Mike,

    Yep, I do believe we have found that weapon of mass destruction, and it is Palin’s mouth. I agree that McCain’s choice did appear to be an astute move at first glance, but that began to unravel rather quickly. Now had he chosen a Republican woman of some substance, then this could have been a whole other story we’d be witnessing. But as it is, Gov. Airhead is the best thing that couldhave happened to the Obama campaign.


    McCain? Crisis of conscience? Future?
    My brother, you gotta KNOW that ain’t gonna happen.

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