Happy OSF! A l’il D’Angelo, a little Isaac Hayes

Baby makin’ music, you say? Oh yeah. I gotcha back.

Me? I’m goin’ right back to my boy D’Angelo. Y’all ight remember I hyped him once before when we were pleasantly discussing neo soul and the fact that I had no idea what neo sould was. Then come to find out D’Angelo was in that mix.

And ever since I have been a fan of neo soul.

But as I was saying about that baby makin’…

Check this out…

And now we move on to the late and most definitely great Isaac Hayes, who very well may have been responsible for the baby makin’ music that made D’Angelo.


I bring you Isaac singin’ “The Look of Love”.

Or how about “Never Can Say Goodbye”?

Make them babies, y’all.

SHAMELESS PLUG: Read my wife’s blog @ The “D” Spot Redeux


~ by Keith A. Owens on October 3, 2008.

One Response to “Happy OSF! A l’il D’Angelo, a little Isaac Hayes”

  1. Yep back in the day playing anything by D’angelo would surely help produce a baby!!!
    Great choices!

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