Sarah Palin debates Joe Biden. Nation dies laughing.

Alaska’s Gov. Sarah Palin says the reason why her popularity rating since the Republican Convention has nose-dived nearly 30 percentage points is that the “media elite” are drop-kicking her little rump a bit too hard and We the People aren’t being allowed to meet the Real Sarah Palin.


Matter of fact, the entire reason why Palin is falling like a rock in the polls is because people are getting to know her, and consequently they fear the prospect of this idiot sitting at the right hand of McCain running the most powerful nation on Earth. The  interviews Palin had with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric have left no room for doubt that she is a guppy that has been tossed into the Atlantic.

So tonight Gov. Dimwit will debate Sen. Joe Biden. Some predict that this will be the most-watched vice-presidential debate ever, which may turn out to be true. But not because anyone with any functioning brain matter seriously expects this woman to suddenly transform herself into Margaret Thatcher. I guarantee you a whole lot of Americans will be tuning in, popcorn in hand, because this will be just too much fun of an ass-whuppin’ to miss. And yes, some will be watching and waiting for that one-in-a-million chance that Biden will choke on his own tongue as Palin miraculously begins to recite the Bush Doctrine from memory!

But most of us just want to watch this woman get body slammed. We are Rome. Bring on the lions.

No, you’re absolutely right. This isn’t about politics at all. This isn’t about which vice-presidential candidate has the best ideas for helping our country. Not even close. Why? Because the answer to that question is so very painfully obvious. Because I’m predicting this will not even be a debate. Because to have a true debate you need two competitors who are at least somewhere close to being in the same zip code when it comes to intellect and ability. This is not such a case.

So the only honest reason to watch this thing is for the sheer, brutal, bloody entertainment value. Nothing more, nothing less.

And please don’t tell me about how Palin is actually quite brilliant, she’s just got a case of the freshman jitters. Or that she was mishandled (even though she was), and that if the McCain campaign had just let Sarah be Sarah, she’d really be on her game right now, merrily mopping the floor with her Democratic detractors.

No. Stop it right now before you hurt yourself.

As for the argument that dramatically lowering the expectations bar will actually help Palin because all she will need to do to win the debate will be to spell her own name, I’m not buying that one either. Not this time. I know it worked for George Bush when he debated Gore. Believe me I remember. And I remember how the media bought into it, saying that Bush actually won the debate when Gore had clearly beaten the hell out of the man.

But even Bush wasn’t stupid enough to say that living next door to Russia qualifies as foreign policy experience. Even Bush knows what the Bush Doctrine is. Even Bush wouldn’t be stupid enough to say that the Earth was created 6,000 years ago. Even Bush…


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~ by Keith A. Owens on October 2, 2008.

6 Responses to “Sarah Palin debates Joe Biden. Nation dies laughing.”

  1. Well, the hard thing about being an independant is seeing the flaws in both sides. The Republicans seem out of touch on the economy, the Dems on world terrorism and threats from abroad. The Republicans don’t seem to care about the little guy but neither do the democrats. I mean the Dems care but they are so focused on the most down trodden that they end up taxing the shit out of the rest of us to pay for social programs that we can’t afford to pay for anymore than we can afford to keep blowing cash in Iraq. As far as Palin and Biden go, I don’t think he beat her in the debate because he obviously wasn’t debating her. He was clearly going after McCain and even the mainstream media was able to see that. I will say that I think Palin did the best job of attempting to answer the questions without immediately going to the fall back position of attack the other ticket. Biden mentioned McCain 62 times whereas Palin only mentioned Obama 18 times. The bottom line is you couldn’t pay me enough to be president and there is no way that either party can make things better all by themselves.

  2. Hey Mike.

    I agree that no one president can possibly clean up this entire massive mess alone. Absolutely no way. But I really have to disagree with you pretty strongly on that debate, and so do most of the polls. It was actually Palin who did her best not to answer the questions presented but to present her own agenda regardless of what was being asked. And as for how many times Biden attacked McCain, I woujld argue that was exactly what he was supposed to do because it is McCain’s policies we have to worry about, not Palin’s. McCain’s the one running for president so it his ideas that must be addressed. This is not to say that they shouldn’t have ideas of their own – and Biden most definitely showed that he did – but the ultimate focus must be on the presidential candidates and their agendas.

  3. I think it was unfair of her to evaded some questions, answered only the ones she knew, and giving an answer to a question that was’nt asked. She is a babling idiot and had she not had her little cards to read from, she would have been stuck. She doesn’t know anything that’s why she couldn’t defend John MCcain.

  4. Hey Kelly!
    Couldn’t have said it better myself and couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Well, what we can all do is hope that her miseducation on issues and odd misunderstanding of the workings of the government don’t make her look cute and fuzzy to the American’s that loved Bush for the same reasons…. 😦

    Just found your blog. I like your style! Will definitely be checking in.

  6. Hey Christy.

    I’m glad you found us! Thanks for your comments, and stop by anytime.

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