When America catches pneumonia, Detroit catches hell

You may have heard the saying that “When America catches a cold, Detroit catches pneumonia”?

Yeah. Well it’s true.

So what happens to Detroit when America catches pneumonia? Because I’d say that’s pretty much the current diagnosis, and not just because of the Wall Street meltdown. Like Sen. Obama said in a recent speech I happened to catch on The Jed Report – and I’m paraphrasing – Main Street has been  in meltdown for years, but nobody seemed to give a damn. Now that the Big Money Boys are in trouble, it’s suddenly a national crisis that threatens all our safety.

Or something like that.

According to a recent Associated Press story, a new report announces the following: “Michigan has lost 315,200 manufacturing jobs during the last eight years — a 35.5 percent reduction that represents the biggest percentage decline in the nation.

“The American Manufacturing Trade Action Coalition report released Friday says Michigan’s total job loss of 489,900 during the same time period is more than three times worse than during the oil-induced Rust Belt downturn of 1974-82.”

The story goes on to say that, naturally, Detroit is one of the cities hardest hit in the whole state when it comes to the massive job loss that has resulted from this disaster.

And then there’s this bit of wonderful news from another AP story: “Early figures show enrollment at Detroit Public Schools down more than expected this fall to about 88,000.

“The Detroit News reports Friday that the 14-15 percent drop shown by the preliminary tally could cost the state’s largest school district millions of dollars more than expected in per-pupil state aid.”

Granted, there was also the story announcing the $25 billion bailout of Detroit automakers, which really is some good news, especially considering the fact that as of right now the proposed $700 billion bailout of Wall Street has failed to attract enough votes in Congress to be approved. How the automakers managed to get that early Christmas gift squeezed in under the wire I’m not quite sure, but I do hope they believe in the power of prayer because if that isn’t evidence of God I don’t know what is.

But even with that bailout, it’s clear that the mountain of problems facing our city will require, well, let’s just say more evidence of the power of prayer. We need the right person elected mayor, we need a functional city council, we need an effective governor, and we need Barack Obama in the White House.

And that’s just for starters…


~ by Keith A. Owens on September 30, 2008.

3 Responses to “When America catches pneumonia, Detroit catches hell”

  1. Wow, I didnt even know detroit was taking it on the chin so hard.

    But after they get the 25 billie, than what?

    There was a reason those jobs were lost in the first place.

  2. Hey Mike.

    That’s an excellent point, and you’re right. Makes you wonder whether this is just the inevitable being postponed…

  3. I believe it is, it doesnt address poor sales, and jobs being shipped over seas. The workers I suspect wont see one penny of that money. It is just to cover losses.

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