Wordless Wednesday: Detroit’s other embarrassing story…


~ by Keith A. Owens on September 24, 2008.

7 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Detroit’s other embarrassing story…”

  1. Happy WW! Ouch! Of course, living in Cincinnati I think we have you beat. Only one winning season out of the past 15 years…

    Thanx for your earlier visit! I invite your blog readers to see Anti-Sarah Palin rally up in Alaska on my WW-post this week. Not much coverage of this event in the MSM…

    peace, Villager

  2. Damn Villager! Seriously? Wow. I feel somewhat better now. Not much, but somewhat.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Ford fire Millen after 80 something lost games,about time

  4. I don’t follow sports much, but they lost 80 GAMES!? Wow. Aren’t there like 120 game a season or something? Wow.

  5. I like your theme, our Houston Texans aren’t doing any better so far. Thanks for peeking in on my old Blue car. Hope your WW was nice.

  6. Shae Shae,

    Pretty amazing, yes?


    Hey thanks much for dropping by. And I really did like that car!


    Ain’t it the truth?

  7. […] thanks to The “d” Spot […]

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