Oprah to Sarah Palin; this is MY show, sweetheart

Apparently there are a lot of (white) women out there who think Oprah Winfrey absolutely MUST invite Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on her talk show.  They argue that Oprah had Sen. Barack Obama on the show (even though it was before he ever announced his presidential candidacy), so therefore she is obligated to put Palin on the show in the interest of being fair. Especially since she came out and endorsed Obama.

Since Oprah endorsed a man over a (white) woman, I guess these outraged former fans figure the least Oprah could do is to let this Palin woman on the show because, well, she’s a woman and she’s making history as the first female Republican vice presidential candidate in history. Of course, she’s also an idiot who placed her glaring shortcomings and inadequacies on painfully broad display during her interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibson last week, but I guess that’s beside the point.  OK, so she’s a woman being pimped by John McCain and the Republican Party, turning tricks faster than a windmill inside a hurricane. Life sucks. She’s still a woman, and Oprah is supposed to be the patron saint of women everywhere so therefore Palin has an inalienable right to be on Oprah’s show, right?

Hell no. Look, I’m not even an Oprah fan. My wife? HUGE Oprah fan. But not me. However, even as someone who could generally take Oprah or leave her, I must confess I admire her business acumen. The fact that this woman owns her show – OWNS IT – is about all the proof anyone should need that she is quite sharp when it comes to business matters. And so, as someone who owns her show, that obviously gives her the right to have whoever the hell she wants on the show. And to keep off the show whomever she doesn’t feel like being bothered with.

I'm rich, I'm black, and Sarah Palin can kiss my rich black...

I'm black, I'm rich, and Sarah Palin can kiss my rich black...

IT’S THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW, FOLKS. Not the  Jenny Show or the Jessica Show or the Buffy Show. And it damned sure isn’t the Sarah Palin Show. But see, this is where I think a lot of those white women fans of Oprah’s are having a real hard time right now. Number one, they are being forced to face the fact that this black woman is in control and they are not. Number two, they always thought Oprah was one of their girlfriends, then come to find out she’s got a pair of steel ones that make Donald Trump’s look like raisins.

And they had so very much hoped and prayed – believed – that their Oprah wasn’t one of those blacks. And then she had to go and endorse a black man over a white woman. And then keep a white woman off the show? Oh this simply will not do.

So why do I say it’s most likely the white women who are pissed and not all womankind? For the same reason that it was not all women supporting Hillary. Listening to all those news anchors and talking heads, you’d have thought Hillary was the blessed and anointed choice of women everywhere. But then how was it that more than 90 percent of ALL black people were supporting Barack? Because it was WHITE women rallying behind HIllary, that’s why. Plain and simple. And it’s more than likely those same white women, combined with their Republican white female counterparts, who are screeching, shrieking, and whining their demands that Sarah Palin, the patron saint of female mediocrity gone wild, be invited as a guest on Oprah’s show.

They can shriek and screech all they want. They can even boycott themselves into a frenzy.


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~ by Keith A. Owens on September 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “Oprah to Sarah Palin; this is MY show, sweetheart”

  1. I think Oprah is acting like a bigget. She is the prouf that the black people think that if they do not vote for Obama they are considered traitors to their race.

  2. Peter,

    I don’t think that’s quite right. Matter of fact I’m sure it’s not. But thanks for sharing your point of view.

  3. I love how you said Palin is a woman being “pimped by John McCain”. Maybe if he took that angle he would be more attractive to youthful voters. haha

  4. T Marie,

    Now I have to admit that’s something I hadn’t considered. Hmmm…

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