Barack Obama almost skipped Labor Day Detroit visit

According to one news report, Sen. Barack Obama almost didn’t make it to Detroit today. There was never any question that he was going to be in Michigan, and it was pretty well-known that Battle Creek would be one of his stops, but whether or not he was going to be in Detroit was apparently an open question. I don’t have to tell you the reason for the brief hang-up, right? I mean, what else could it possibly have been?

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Now, having said that, and as upset as I am about what our mayor is putting this city through, I believe it would have been one hell of a mistake for Obama/Biden to skip Detroit. Not only does the pair need all the black registered voters they can possibly get – and Detroit is the blackest big city in America – but to ignore the population of an entire city due to the transgressions, trials, and tribulations of our city’s elected leader whom we don’t even expect to be with us much longer would have been interpreted all kinds of ways. None of them positive.

Sure, a lot of us are pissed at Kilpatrick, but passing all of us over out of apparent fear that the  dreaded Kilpatrick stain might somehow rub off could have easily shifted a large portion of that anger toward Obama. Especially since Obama (justifiably) stayed out of Michigan throughout the primaries due to the screw-ups perpetrated by the Michigan Democratic Party leadership, most of whom were ensconced comfortably in the pocket of Hillary Clinton’s pants suit. The more reasonable and informed among us can write off the first pass of Michigan because he didn’t have much of a choice. But a second time? And to skip the state’s biggest, blackest city? The city where the nation’s Labor movement was born? On Labor Day? The same day when it has always been a  tradition for the Democratic candidate for president to appear here in Detroit?

Not a good move.

Thankfully, Obama’s campaign team has managed to retain their near-legendary status as one of the most efficient and effective organizations of its kind – if not the most efficient and effective – ever. Somebody’s frantic call got through to the right person and the clouds have once again parted.

Thank God. Because this is a storm we do not need at this late date.

Some of you may be wondering why it was even necessary to bring this up since Obama is already here and the sun is shining once again and all that good stuff. So why bring up some negative stuff that almost happened?

Because the best way to avoid a political storm is to know how to read the weather. And because whoever almost made that decision needs to know not to almost screw up like that again. There’s way too much at stake.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on September 1, 2008.

One Response to “Barack Obama almost skipped Labor Day Detroit visit”

  1. Yeah, but I have to wonder… would it be better for him to be on the Gulf Coast right now?

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