Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick goes to jail, and it’s too late

So I’ll ask the question one more time; how long do we want to put up with this bullshit?

Now our mayor is in jail. The surface reason why Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is behind bars is because he didn’t take the time to notify the court when he left the city to go to Windsor on city business. He had been previously instructed – in no uncertain terms – that he had to notify the court anytime he needed to leave the city. The judge added this restriction to our mayor after our mayor shoved a Sheriff’s Deputy who was trying to serve papers on his best friend at the home of our mayor’s sister.

All the mayor had to do to avoid jail time was to pick up the damned phone. If there’s one thing we are all well aware of today it is that Mayor Kilpatrick is very skilled at using a cell phone. If he can use it to cheat on his wife, then using it to check in with the court shouldn’t be so difficult.

So in my opinion? The real reason our mayor is sitting in jail tonight has nothing to do with that phone call he ‘forgot’ to make. Our mayor is behind bars because of his arrogance. His blazing intelligence, which everyone who knows the man can attest to, has been short-circuited by his arrogance and staunch belief that the rules of the world don’t apply to his planet. Because on Planet Kwame, the rest of us are merely bit players and props, placed here and there on a ‘K’ shaped stage only to cast a better reflection upon His Highness.



A more blunt way to put it would be to say that the rest of us ain’t shit to the mayor. We mean nothing to him. Not a thing. The only thing that matters to Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Otherwise, can somebody explain to me why in the hell this man brought his children to court with him?

His children??

Even a two-bit con doesn’t want his kids seeing him being led away to jail. But for Kwame, his kids were an opportunity to prevail upon the sympathy of the judge. Yeah, that’s right. Kwame pimped his own kids to keep his ass out of jail. That’s exactly what he did. Just like he almost cost his own mother, Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, her job as Congresswoman. You may have noticed that she barely won, and that this was the only time she has had to fight so hard to keep her seat. Even though she has never, to my knowledge, been accused of any scandal and has done a great job for her district. But just by being the man’s mother, because she brought this manchild into the world, she was almost dragged out the door.

And if that election had happened next week? Oh you’d better believe she’d be out of a job just like her son is about to be out of his. But despite all of this, I still am receiving messages from those who continue to insist that we as Detroiters should stand behind our brave black mayor who is obviously being brought to task by the Man and his System. That we shouldn’t believe the hype. That Kilpatrick is being railroaded for relatively minor crimes that would never topple a white official.

With all due respect, such thinking is madness and delusion exceeded only by the madness and delusion exhibited by Our Mayor. Mayor Kilpatrick is facing eight criminal charges, perjury among them, and that is not minor. He also now stands accused of assaulting a Sheriff’s Deputy, but that’s yesterday’s news. Because now he’s in jail for violating the terms of his bond. The hit’s just keep coming…

And Kilpatrick is a lawyer.

But throughout it all, Our Mayor has insisted that he can juggle all of this and still run the City of Detroit. Ain’t no thing. Why? ‘Cause he’s KWAME, that’s why.

And that’s why we’re going up in smoke right now. Because he’s Kwame, and because we have let him be Kwame for far too long without making him pay the price for being Kwame. So now we are all paying the bill, and it’s a bill we can hardly afford.

One night in jail is an embarassment for Our Mayor. But it is nothing compared to what the rest of us have  got coming, Detroit. Believe me when I tell you.

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~ by Keith A. Owens on August 7, 2008.

8 Responses to “Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick goes to jail, and it’s too late”

  1. We’ve just released our new song: “Kwame Da Love Swami” at

  2. I totally agree. Me and my family were just talking about how we have let him go around thinking he can do any and everything he has wanted, and it went to his head. Now he’s figuring out that he can’t. I pray they don’t vote him back in 😦

  3. Dominic,

    If Kilpatrick can be re-elected after going to jail on top of everything else, then we are in more serious trouble than I even want to think about…
    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Seems like the more we know about Kwame, the less ssense it all makes. He is an intelligent man, but clearly – he’s also an arrogant ass who NEVER thought he’d have to answer for his actions. I have to be honest – I hope he can’t make bail!

  5. Ms. Kimba,

    Your hopes and mine are most definitely in sync, my friend. He needs to GO.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Oh, Thanks! Really interesting. Greets.

  7. Josh Wink

    Thanks for stopping by! Thanks for the comment, and hope you’ll be by again soon.

  8. America is still a little confused (??) , but I think that a loser ,scum ,dirtbag ,jerk -liar , dirty knacker >>> lowlife thief , douchebag-idiot ~moron , can be put into the
    category definition of Mayor da’ Kwame Kilpatrick lowest of the low.Why did “that judge” ever set him free (??) as “da’Kwame” did not fulfill one single condition of his freedom voluntarily nor otherwise.Go stealing into the dead night Mr “da’Kwame” and know that the crumpled up old dirtbag of a man sleeping next to you hopefully will be young again by the time you get out of deposit >> good luck you helpless/heartless crook..

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