And now the fountain…

Well damn.

I know things are tight here in the city, but sometimes you like to close your eyes and just imagine, at least for a few moments, that everything is fine. Don’t even worry about it.

But then some fool – or gang of fools – goes and steals copper from the Scott Fountain in Belle Isle Park. Shuts it down. You have to wonder how much crack that amount of copper can buy.

Taken by itself, it’s nothing to bang your head against the wall about. The fountain can and will be repaired. The fountain will, indeed, gush again.


But when you add in the City Council scandal, the mayoral scandal, and the Detroit Public Schools budgetary crisis, it doesn’t take a Katrina to make a die-hard Detroiter start to twitch. Soon after that you begin walking in circles muttering incoherently. I’m starting to think that  these so-called crazies we see wandering the streets like urban tumbleweeds are, in reality, simply the victims of too much Detroit exposure, up close, for too long. I do love this place, but if you mainline the ‘D’ it will for sure send you careening beyond the realm of your senses into the void.

It’s times like that when I take a walk with my wife along the river…




~ by Keith A. Owens on July 7, 2008.

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