Democrats to Michigan: Drop Dead


Apparently the leading Democratic presidential candidates, in all their questionable wisdom, have decided to give Michigan the finger. Well, that is, except for Hillary Clinton. At least the woman went far enough in school to learn how to add. As in how to add votes.

Here’s the deal, in case you missed the news. You may remember that Michigan decided awhile back to hold its primary early this time around. Early like in January. The idea and motivation behind this move, of course, is that Iowa and New Hampshire have for far too long been granted the distinction of being the early deciders on who should get the nomination. Two itty-bitty whiter-than-white states get to set the pace for the rest of the country which looks nothing like them.

So Michigan said the hell with that. We’re gonna hold an early primary too. But then the Big Boys at the National Democratic Party said to hell with you,  Michigan. Thou shalt not  place thine own diversity ahead of the way it has always been and that we prefer it would always be. So they decided to try and shut us down and spank our little bottoms by asking that none of the candidates campaign here or spend money here. Besides, the Big Boys at national figured they already had the diversity thing covered because this time by adding Nevada and South Carolina to the list of early primary beneficiaries. Well, I guess when you compare those two states to New Hampshire and Iowa, then sure. Presto. Diversity. Hell, anyplace looks diverse compared to those two except for Idaho.

Bad Michigan! Bad  Michigan!

 Anyway, all of them apparently agreed not to campaign here or to spend money here, but five of them also decided to withdraw their names from the the Jan. 15 primary ballot. Those five wise men would be Barack Obama, John Edwards, Joe Biden, Bill Richardson and Dennis Kucinich.

Hillary’s name is still on the ballot. Whichof course means that Hillary will be the only damned choice Michigan Democrats have in January.  What kind of crazy mess is this? So now, because Michigan decides it wants to move up the date of its primary, the choice of all Democratic voters in Michigan must be sacrificed at the altar of the Big Boys at National Party Headquarters? I mean, it’s bad enough that the press has essentially anointed this woman, but now she’s our only fucking choice??? Because the Democratic candidates are all too scared to stand up to Headquarters?


Meanwhile, of course, the Republicans are campaigning their asses off out here, despite rules that could dock the statehalf its delegates to next year’s GOP convention (according to an Oct. 10 Detroit News story).

I’ve just about had it, man.


~ by Keith A. Owens on October 10, 2007.

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