Remembering the old Detroit train station

Michigan Central Station – 1987

A little Detroit history. Things do change, and it’s hard to imagine an argument that could justify keeping the building in its current state for any reason. Time to let it go. But man was it ever a beautiful building in its day…


~ by Keith A. Owens on September 24, 2007.

6 Responses to “Remembering the old Detroit train station”

  1. We got lucky here in Cincinnati. They built a museum inside of the old train station so the original architecture still stands and dominates the skyline in that part of town.

    I was sorry to learn that old Tigers Stadium is destined to be torn down. Too bad it couldn’t be turned into a community ball park or something.

  2. Hey Villager.

    Yeah, it is hard to see history disappear. But sometimes it’s not all bad, if something good comes in its place. At Tiger’s Stadium the most recent plan I heard about will indeed preserve some of the stadium and its history, so it won’t all be obliterated. It would be nice to see some way of doing that with the train station, although I don’t see that as likely. It’s hard to think of an occupant that could successfully put that space to use in modern terms..

  3. Thanks TeamOwens. This was a great vid. i posted it with a link to yours on my blog too. what a beautiful building. what a sad thing to see go. I hear you about finding an actual occupant who could do it justice, but i can’t help but think that it’s just because no one WILL, not because no one CAN’T. it COULD be an amazing space in the city if folks would turn their imagination, vision (and of course financial backing) toward investing in the city, in its history, in its people, in its future. where’s the imaginative investment? it could be something that MAKES money for the investors and the city and countless small business owners. but eh … anyway. it was great to see the riverfront when i was there a couple of weekends ago. i suppose it’s about one step at a time. unfortunately, history, once erased, can’t really be replaced.

  4. Hey Samiya!

    Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your comment. I couldn’t agree with you more about what that building could be, and about preserving as much of this stuff as we can. Sometimes it does have to be let go, but sometimes we’re running so fast to get to the Next Detroit that we’re leaving some of our treasures along the roadside. I have seen the train station from the outside for years, but this video was my first opportunity to see what it look like internally. You just can’t find stuff like this anymore anywhere in America. It is so important.

    I’m really glad you ot a chance to see and enjoy the Riverfront while you were here. Just sorry I missed you.

    Take care!

  5. I live very close to the train station. I have never seen how it looked in its hey day. It makes me sad it was really beautiful. I know it hard to let go, but they really need too. And NO the City does not own it.

  6. I wonder if you feel the same way about the Roman Coliseum or the Parthenon. Both have been crumbling for centuries. Had they demolished them centuries ago for the same reason others want to demolish Michigan Central in Detroit, well….

    That’s the thing – no one builds anything like this today. Once this is gone, it’s gone forever.

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