Pit bulls bet on Michael Vick, toss him into dog fight


So I was having a conversation with a neighborhood pitbull over the weekend – goes by the name of Big Fred – and he suggested it might be a good idea to toss Michael Vick into a ring with a few of his own pitbulls to see how he makes out.

“Just staple some raw meat to his ass, slap him around a bit, then toss him in a ring with about 10 or 11 angry, hungry pitbulls  just for kicks. Then sit back and enjoy the show. Buddy, I can guarantee you Vick will be MIA at fall training camp. Matter of fact, I know a coupla mutts who were friends with some of those dogs Vick strung up on his property for losing their fights. If they get in on the action, my money is on Vick being MIA from a whole lot more than just football.

“This could be a lotta fun.”

I have to agree with Big Fred, who weighs in at about 75 pounds and has more battlescars than most dogs have fleas. There’s no way on Earth I would ever pay money to watch a dogfight, but I would damned near mortgage my house to see Vick on the receiving end of his ‘entertainment’.  Of course, that might not be how Vick would view the arrangement, which reminds me of an old saying I’ve heard repeated for a number of years: “It ain’t no fun when the rabbit’s got the gun.”

I know this is an old story that’s been around for awhile, and I started to leave it alone just for that reason, but this story pisses me off far too much to walk away without at least putting in my two cents. I’ll admit up front that I’m a dog lover from way back who along with my wife has adopted two Detroit dogs from both the Detroit Pound and the Humane Society. Two years ago I had to put down my dog Smitty, a stray Akita who had adopted us a year earlier when he wandered into our yard as a sickly, scrawny and abused puppy. He grew up into a beautiful dog who was also, unfortunately, very aggressive.  After forcing his way under the fence and fatally attacking the neighbor’s dog, we had to get rid of him.  If you want to read the full account, check out an earlier post here.  

But here’s my thing with Vick, and with all those fucked-up individuals like him; the man is not only a coward but he has brain damage and needs to get himself some help. Anybody who would abuse a dog, an animal that enjoys nothing more than making its owner happy and will tolerate unbelievable amounts of abuse from that owner out of sheer loyalty, needs to be placed in cold storage in a cement vault deep underground.

Either that or Big Fred ought to get his wish. Far as I’m concerned those ought to be Vick’s only options. The hell with behavior modification, the hell with allowing him to play out his contract with the Atlanta Falcons, and most definitely the hell with those who say that dog fighting is merely a misunderstood “culture” that deserves to be respected. That “culture” of gene pool rejects belongs in that same deep underground cold storage tank reserved for Vick.

It’s time Sick Vic got a taste of his own game.


~ by Keith A. Owens on July 23, 2007.

9 Responses to “Pit bulls bet on Michael Vick, toss him into dog fight”

  1. Leaving aside the brutality and illegality of dog fighting, Vick’s indictment details both gambling and conspiracy (i.e., organized criminal activity). There is no sport at any level which should allow an athlete charged with such crimes participate pending resolution of a criminal case.

  2. I understand the guilty before proven innocent,but where the outcry when these macho start beating on their wive’s

  3. Hey Tootsie.

    Believe me I’m not silent about that one at all. JUst ’cause I love dogs and hate those who abuse them doesn’t mean I value them more than women – even though they seem to treat them the same..

  4. Hey Jackie.

    Thanks for your commetns and for stopping by. And I agree with you totally.

  5. Hey teamowens313,

    I agree totally 100% with you. I think Vick should burn in HELL!!!! He is a no good son of a bitch. This pisses me off, because I have 2 Pitt Bulls of my own and they are the Best Dogs ever. I would never own another kind of dog again. ONLY PITT BULLS. To own a Pitt Bull you need to be a responsible adult with lots of love. They really are the best kind of dog to own if they live with a good family. My Dog Chance & Gamble think they are lap dogs, they love to spend ever second with us, they listen unbeleavably, have to sleep in bed with us every night, love to go for quad rides and fishing. The neighbor kids come over all the time to play Football with them. They are so Great with kids. Its funny because when my parents found out that my husband and i were gettig a Pitt Bull, they freeked out and told us they would never come over our house again. Now they absoulutly love our dogs. My mother comes over every day to bring Chance & Gamble cookies, she calls them here grandchildren. It just pisses me off because these dogs are not bad dogs they just got a bad reputation, because of the assholes who don’t give a shit about them and abuse them and turn them into fighting dogs. I beleive all Pitt Bulls could be like Chance and Gamble as long as they have the right owners. I wish I could just get my hands on one of Vicks Pitts to show it love. I know I could change that dog around to be like Chance and Gamble. Gamble was abused when he was a pup up until he was 6 months, then we saved him. At first he was affraid of people and would not go up to any strangers he was very skitish around every thing. But know he is 2 years old and Loves every body,comes up to people and lets them pet him,and is Great with chilrdren. Pitt Bulls are a very smart dog,and they trust their owners, so if they are loved ,careed for, and Respected. They can become a great dog.

  6. Hey Jonelle!

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments, and it’s clear you and I are on the same page about this situation. I’ve heard other stories similar to yours about how great pit bulls can be if treated with the proper amount of care, just like all dogs. Both of our dogs are ‘rescue’ dogs, and it just infuriates me whenever I hear of anyone mistreating an animal whose only desire is to be your friend. And like you say, it’s not the Pit Bulls it’s the people that are so fucked up. I sincerely hope this story with that idiot Michael Vick will bring important attention to this issue because this seriously needs to be dealt with.

    Come on back anytime!

  7. Hey Guys-

    I just picked up a cool T-Shirt online. On top it says; “Were the Animals….Huh???”. Then below this is a picture of a pit bull with a spiked collar. Then below that it says; “NEUTER VICK”. It was only $12.95, add shipping. The address is:



  8. OK, that last address for the “Neuter Vick” T-Shirt went belly up. Try this one:



  9. Last Chance. I feel like such an idiot. Here is the true web address for the “Neuter Vick” T Shirt:

    http://www.tshirtvents.com/It's all good.


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