Miss USA slips, America gets booed at Miss Universe pageant


That’s not Miss USA falling, that’s USA falling…

 I’ve never been a huge fan of the Miss USA, Miss Universe, or any other kind of so-called “beauty” show, but this particular story about Miss USA getting booed at the Miss Universe pageant that was recently held in Mexico is, I think, pretty significant. A lot of comment was made about how she slipped and fell during one of her runway strolls, but the real story was an audience full of vocally pissed-off Mexicans who are fed up with American policies, especially regarding immigration.

I mean think about it for a second; when was the last time you ever heard of a Miss USA getting treated like an ugly stepchild at an international beauty pageant? How non-political of an event can you possibly get? It’s no question we have become toilet paper for  rest of the world when we start getting hooted and jeered at something as supposedly harmless – and some might say brainless – as this. Now there really is noplace to hide.

Funny thing is, given the type of infotainment news that tends to get the most focused attention of Americans these days, this just might attract more outrage at Bush’s policies than thousands of dead American soldiers ever could. Hey, we can accept murdered and mutilated young men who sacrificed their lives for a meaningless war fueled by a pack of lies manufactured by an insane cowboy who happens to run the most powerful nation on Earth.

But don’t you dare fuck with Miss USA pal…

Now you’ve gone too damned far.


~ by Keith A. Owens on May 31, 2007.

2 Responses to “Miss USA slips, America gets booed at Miss Universe pageant”

  1. What an interesting take on an unfortunate blunder (or set-up, as in sabotage)!

  2. Hey KWiz. Good to see you back.
    I’m not so sure about the sabotage angle, but her slip was unfortunate. I’m not hating on the Miss America herself, although it probably sounds like it. I just think the pageant is brain dead and useless. But I felt bad for her personally just on a human level. Still, all that booing to me is very symbolic of how far America has fallen globally in the court of public opinion.

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