Dead birds falling from the sky in Detroit


Dead birds are falling out of the sky in our neighborhood. And the strange thing? There aren’t any trees near where we’re finding the bodies. Which means that they really are falling from the sky.

Where are you, Alfred Hitchcock?

As if we don’t have enough problems in Detroit. Now we have to deal with dead birds divebombing the city too? I mean damn, man…

I guess it must have started about three or four days ago. My wife let the dogs out first thing in the morning like she normally does so they can take care of their business. And normally they start barking within a minute or two of being let out, regardless of whether there’s anything to bark at. I guess that’s their idea of preventive maintenance; send out a few warning barks to let the neighborhood crooks know they got some teeth waitin on ’em if they try anything anywhere near our sacred little patch of earth.

Only this time the minutes came and went, but we didn’t hear a sound. Not a whimper, not a yelp, not a growl. Nothing. Wondering if maybe somebody had somehow managed to kidnap our two ferocious beasts, my wife took a look out the back door and noticed the two of them were busy chomping on something. Not a good sign. So she opens the door and calls to them. They look around, wag their tails, then blow her off and turn back around to continue with whatever they were doing.

Once again, not a good sign.

So this time she decides to go outside and add some commando-style urgency to her voice, and this time the dogs reluctantly respond. And that’s when she sees the dead bird. Judging by its tiny size, it was nowhere near full grown. So she tells me about it, and I do the dutiful husband thing which is to scoop up the dead critter and drop it in the trash bin. End of story.

Only it wasn’t the end of story. The next day there were two more dead birds, and once again they were both small. To date, I think we’ve had about six or seven dead and emaciated-looking birds land in or around our back yard over about a three- or four-day period. This really isn’t the way I was looking for springtime to begin, you know? I mean, springtime is when you start listening for the birds to start singing, right? It’s the music that  always lets me know when springtime has finally decided to stick around for a few months.

But what the hell does it mean when the birds of spring show up dead? What kind of springtime symphony is this?

Is it something I said?


~ by Keith A. Owens on May 29, 2007.

2 Responses to “Dead birds falling from the sky in Detroit”

  1. They were probably poisoned. Birds dying in flight is frightening, and I am too sure it wasn’t anything you said.

    Wishing you well and no more dead birds.

  2. Danielle! Glad to see you back in the house, and thanks for your comments. Yeah, it really was a pretty freaky thing, and it was bugging the hell out of my wife. It seems to hve stoped now, so whatever it was has apparently passed over,. thank goodness.

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